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Dave Franco – Hollywood actor, screenwriter, director and producer. Best known for the television series “The Clinic” and the blockbuster “Now You See Me”. The younger brother of actor James Franco.
David John was born June 12, 1985 in California in a family of Jewish Betsey and Douglas Franco, a descendant of Portuguese and Swedish. The boy grew up in a creative environment. His mother wrote prose and poetry, and my grandmother works in the gallery of art Vernet. David was the third son in the family. He never dreamed of an acting career, but succumbed to the example of his older brother James Franco, achieved the status of a Hollywood star.
Cinematic debut of David took place in “Seventh Heaven” series (1996-2007), where he played a small role. This was followed by sporadic work in the TV show “University” (2007-2011), “Spoiled” (2008-2009), “Do Not Disturb” (2008). The first serious role was actor at 24 years the cult TV series “The Clinic” in the ninth season (2001-2010). He played the student Cole Aaronson Medical University, whose parents are funding the construction of the building. Gained fame consolidated the role of football in the teen comedy “Superbad” (2007) and a small episode in the cult drama “Milk” (2008) with James Franco in the lead role. Nearly five years of acting career, Dave has remained in the shadow of the eminent brother. “Everyone knew me only as the younger brother of James Franco. I decided that I needed to distance himself from what he does. I love and respect the brother, but I had to get on their feet “, – says the actor.
In 28 years, Dave got a leading role in one of the most anticipated pictures of the year – belt Louis Leterrier “Now You See Me” (2013). In an unpredictable thriller about a team of the best magicians of the world, cranking out a robbery during the magic show and the nose-conducting FBI agents, Dave appeared on the street magician, talented, daring and desperate hero. Through this work, we are talking about it for the first time as an independent actor, capable of brilliant performance of dramatic roles. The tape was a huge box office success, raising over $ 200 million in worldwide box office. “My work finally began to appreciate. I struggled trying to be clever. No matter how similar our voice with his brother, our appearance, inside we are completely different. He takes on the role to which I would not have touched, and vice versa. I think people began to notice, – says Dave. – Now I avoid useless roles. When I choose my next project, the main criterion for me – a good director. I want to work only with those whose work I admire. This is important, because one day I want to shoot my films, and I still have much to learn. On the set, I want to take from the director to the maximum. In general, only a couple of the directors with whom I worked and who I respect, help me to open a actor and find yourself. That’s what I intend to work with their actors in the future. ” Following this principle, Dave accepted the offer of director Nicholas Stoller to play the main role in the comedy “Shantrapa” (2014).
Recently, Dave tries himself as a director and screenwriter. In 2012, he presented his directorial debut and producer – short film “RM”, which is also self-assembled. Dave wrote the script to the author’s project «Funny or Die» and «Would You», starring himself and his creative family, including his mother Betsy. “I directing them along with Brian McGinn – a childhood friend. While this is just a little video on the internet, but we hope they will grow into something more “, – says Franco.

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