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Darkest Dungeon even before its official release, being in the “early access» Steam, has acquired almost cult status. Where else have you seen dungeon crawler, which explore another dungeon than four valiant hero elf there, paladin, a dwarf and a man – and a coward, paranoid, masochistic and syphilitic?
Darkest Dungeon game review
In the battle of where the character is often dependent on the availability of certain of his abilities.
The most dismal town on Earth
No, at first glance, everything is quite familiar. There is a global map with five dungeons and ruins, where we choose to go for a job the next time. The more often successfully fulfill the mission in a particular region, the more it opens new quests and the closer we get to the final “boss” of this location.
The city-based you form a squad of fighters who will go to the next sortie, ekipiruete them to supply all the necessary provisions. Heroes, of course, there are different classes, and trained them unique skills – arbaletchitsa, savage with a halberd, Vestal, doctor, eastern mage, warrior, assassin, crusader, trainer manual wolf, daggers thief, a robber with pistols and other comrades. There is even a buffoon and a geek, able to take the form of an animal. For the successful execution of the mission they receive a determination points (analogue of “Expo”), and gradually approach to a new level.
There, in the city, there is a guild, where we “pump” skills wards; smithy, where improve their weapons and armor; Healing; gypsy woman selling various useful artifacts; the restaurant and the monastery (about them later). And yet – the house forester, training camp special skills that are used during halts in some dungeons and allow to heal, enhance its performance, increase the chance of monsters to catch off guard and so on. All buildings and structures can be improved by using the collected materials during campaigns.
Bread and light!
Before each outing in the catacombs not only need to stock up with all sorts of bandages and jars, and torches and food. Hungry character loses health points and lighting level (torches gradually faded out) affects the chance to catch the monsters by surprise or, on the contrary, fall into an ambush – is also quite familiar to dungeon crawler genre of games. Like what the location of creatures, chests, and other good in the catacombs each time randomly generated.
Darkest Dungeon game review
In critical situations it is possible to escape from the battlefield and toss the job, but then the characters will experience increased stress.
Directly in the dungeons, we, of course, look carefully at his feet, so as not to fall into the trap, we reveal the chests and drawers in search of gold-silver. And the battle is most reminiscent of what we see in the JRPG: ours and the enemy fighters stand opposite each other and waiting for their turn to attack, use skills or move to a place mate. At the same time fights in the game constantly throws the dice, checking a chance to dodge, critical strike and so on.
This is complemented by a stylish hand-drawn picture, great sound, allowing to feel how it is scary and uncomfortable in a dark enclosed spaces, and generally well-seasoned dark atmosphere.
Banda outsiders
That alone would be enough to let the quality of underground “bagel”, but the developers of Red Hook Studios have gone further and have added to the usual features characters such factors as stress tolerance and different psychological traits – both positive and negative, such as congenital alcoholism or paranoia . One could say that this podsmotreno in Rogue Legacy and role-playing system, The Dark Eye, but there was no concept of stress. So all in all this Darkest Dungeon entertaining psychiatry worked out much deeper.
The fact that stress during the march the soldiers feel almost constantly. Fall into the trap, extinguished the torch, not enough food, especially missed the bounce? Stress is accumulated, the characters swear, and now the brave warrior crusader or being tested for the determination and the results get any unpleasant feature of such cowardice, masochism, self-centeredness, paranoia or increased aggressiveness. No, there is certainly a chance that it will acquire or steadfastness of enormous, but at first often this check your players fail.
And all these tantrums directly reflected in the campaign. For example, a masochist would refuse treatment and to fight, and at rest, and the egocentric will rake currently found treasures – that is, you will not get them. As a result, your players pass their turn to attack or, on the contrary, out of control, and pushing colleagues shouting “Get out, asshole, you bother me aim!”.
Darkest Dungeon game review
Even a rest in camp here is terrible.
In addition, rummaging in the chests, checking corpses alchemical tables and bushes for something of value, they can pick up any disease. And then there is the probability of getting a heart attack from the accumulated stress and trauma. In general, stay alive and keep the mind in the Darkest Dungeon very, very difficult.
In the well-deserved rest
On the job goes gallant heroes and returning tortured, sick, disabled epileptic. And you drag them to relieve stress, treat sores and getting rid of bad habits in the restaurant (there is a bar, brothel and gambling hall), in the hospital or in a monastery, where you can be purified as a prayer, and self-torture.
And some characters due to innate habits are willing only to specific recovery procedures. Alcoholics, clear, rod in the bar, some prefer gambling, and especially loving comrades agree only on a hiking trip to a brothel. And not the fact that all this will do without consequences. In the same brothel has a chance of catching syphilis, and in the game room of your fighter can blow a large amount of the total budget, or some valuable artifact, receiving in return a new feature – “bad player”.
However, many procedures no longer help. The cemetery of the fallen heroes is constantly updated, and every week (time here comes the time) you look at the wagon stagecoach in search of newcomers who are ready to engage your squad with disabilities. But those who survive, matereyut and remain with you for a long time, become the most native people on the ground. After Darkest Dungeon creates a strong attachment to the characters. With some bandit veteran, syphilitic, alcoholic and paranoid, which was held with you not one the hardest job you will be worn like a mother – to treat, give him the best artifacts regularly organize preventive binge drinking in the pub, and nervously to escape from the battlefield, only he, bleeding, lost control of stress, did not get a heart attack.
Darkest Dungeon game review
The invisible narrator constantly comment on the events, but more and more often it is repeated.
The “pumping” and the development of the characters and is the basic meaning of Darkest Dungeon. That’s the main plus and minus as the main game. Yes, I feel a psychiatrist and nurse in the service of the mentally unstable characters interesting. But the fact that you started to win regularly, including very large “boss”, will leave a lot of time and nerves. “Bleeding” is slow, the resources for the treatment of men and improve the buildings are constantly lacking, and until the final dungeon is still very, very far away. And you have to repeatedly train his players to lighter tasks, which, of course, repeated and eventually become boring. There is no dispute, Darkest Dungeon – great game, atmospheric and unique in many ways. But whether it is a little shorter and more diverse, it would be even better.
Pros: unique concept of the psychological state of the characters, and stress; deep survival mechanics; difficult battle; verified the atmosphere; excellent visual style and sound.
Cons: The game is tight and gradually becomes monotonous.

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