Darkest Dungeon: Plague Doctor HD pictures

Darkest Dungeon: Plague Doctor

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“What laboratory can be compared with the blood-drenched battlefield? ”
~ Narrator
Plague Doctor is a class specializing in dealing damage and stunning enemies poison. From the back of it can poison enemies with Noxious Blast and Plague Grenade, as well as a stunning two enemies at once with the ability Blinding Gas. He can heal themselves or their allies from the poison and bleeding with the help of Battlefield Medicine. Closer to the front rows it becomes available skill Incision, which does good damage and applies a bleed effect. As with any position it can increase the damage with the help of an ally Emboldening Vapors or mixed groups and the position of the enemy to clear the battlefield of corpses using Disorienting Blast.
Plague Doctor is an indispensable character, when you need to keep half of the enemy group by stunning or poison. If there are two amulets with a bonus to stun it often imposes stun enemies on two two rounds in a row (in spite of the increased resistance after the first stun). As it becomes indispensable in the bay, where you will encounter a very strong bleeding effects. As the dungeon level, more enemies will have a large measure of protection, and are poisons plague doctor will be invaluable. Plague Doctor – it is always a good choice for Bay thanks to his skill set, but it is less effective in most cases and reserves due to the great resistance to poison the local monsters.
During halt plague doctor can use leeches to cure an ally and take off his illness and poisons. Using Experimental Vapours he can cure a lot of health with a great chance of success. Plague Doctor are generally very useful for the treatment of diseases without the use of hospitals in the city: The Cure takes the disease with an ally, Leeches heals, removes poison and also has a chance to cure the disease in the ally.
Plague Doctor and Vestal is the hero of the first two available in Stagecoach.

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