Darkest Dungeon: Man-at-Arms Wallpapers

Darkest Dungeon: Man-at-Arms

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“The strength of the youth have lost all but his eyes kept secrets of hundreds of military campaigns. ”
~ Narrator
This class is added to the Fiends & Frenzy update with crossbowmen. Man-at-Arms is a great class for the first series, he takes great damage and is able to defend its allies, most of his skills are focused on survival. It can be compared with the Crusaders, but the ability to Man-at-Arms has a protective slope, and it has a greater range than the Crusader. It can protect any party members using the Defender skill, which will redirect the attack on Man-at-Arms, with himself Man-at-Arms will receive an impressive defense buff. He can use the Command, to improve the accuracy and damage to the group of the whole group, or to use Bolster to increase the speed and evasion of the group. For debuff enemies in his ability Bellow available which reduces the chance of dodging opponents and speed. Also in the arsenal of Man-at-Arms has a stunning and tilting Rampart. Man-at-Arms is quite flexible in the choice of position and may well show itself from any position except the last.
Unlike Crusader Man-at-Arms will not surprise you more damage, but he is still able to put through its ability to Retribution. With it, he marks himself for the attack and activates riposte: Man-at-Arms begins to respond to every attack on it (including AoE attacks). Retribution effectively used in conjunction with the skill Defender, thus Man-at-Arms is not only becoming a prime target for enemy attacks, but also gets a big bonus protection? as well as respond to attacks intended purpose for which was used Defender /
Relaxing Man-at-Arms is the most powerful buffs in the game. It can increase the damage, accuracy or critical hit chance himself and the group.

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