Darkest Dungeon: Leper widescreen wallpapers

Darkest Dungeon: Leper

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“This unfortunate better than others understand that suffering and being inextricably linked. ”
~ Narrator
Leper can deal a lot of damage and at the same time as efficiently able to receive damage. But it suffers from low accuracy and is only effective in the first two rows. He has the most health and the biggest base damage of all the characters.
Leper can use Chop on a single enemy, or Hew two enemies in front of him. At higher levels, it becomes useful to Intimidate skill by which it reduces the damage and accuracy of enemies. Ability Purge throws the enemy in the back rows, and removes all the bodies from the battlefield.
The Leper’s arsenal have a few buffs themselves, which enhance its: Withstand gives him protection and reduces stress; Solemnity cure it and gives protection against debuffs; Revenge increases damage and critical strike chance Leper accuracy, but reduces his defense.
Leper is best used with the right amulets and with the support of, for example, the Warrior – he can buff Leper accuracy. Leper must always be in the first lines, but he can not get back a number of the enemy, which means that his group would be those needed who can do it for him: Thief, occultist or Mercenary is a good choice in the group for the Leper. Not every group is suitable Leper, and if you do not pick him teammates with the mind, it will irritate you more than benefit. But with the right choice of charms and teammates he would spray all the enemies on the atoms.

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