Darkest Dungeon: Jester Wallpapers

Darkest Dungeon: Jester

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“He’s the one who laughs last. ”
~ Narrator
Jester is a mix of the utility and AoE abilities injurious effect of bleeding. His skills have strict limits on the position, but it could cause a lot of damage and have good tech support.
No one moves across the battlefield as fast as the Jester, many of his abilities change its position on the battlefield, so it should not be combined with classes that do not like movement. This is especially true lepers. Jester can use Dirk Stab, to move forward and put a lot of damage, or use the Solo, to move to the first position and get buff. As soon as the Jester is in the first position, it becomes available Finale skill which deals a lot of damage with a greater chance of a critical hit on a single target. This skill also moves the Jester in the back rows and debuffing it.
If damage to Jester sharpened, it can be placed in the center of the group to be applied to the attack of bleeding effect. Harvest shoots in the second and third position and causes bleeding effect. Slice Off like the Harvest, but deals more damage and a stronger effect of bleeding, although it has one enemy.
At the Jester has two unique support service skills. Battle Ballad – a very strong group buff that increases the accuracy, speed, and the chance of a critical hit group. Inspiring Tune – a strong ability to relieve stress.

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