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Darkest Dungeon: Highwayman

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“Good Thief stealth feature, uvёrtlivost and persistence. ”
~ Narrator
Highwayman is attacking a class that can deal damage from any position. This is a good choice against enemies that make your characters change position. By Highwayman perfectly resemble classes, which do not depend on the position or fully disclosed at the free change it – Thief, Jester.
On the back of the Highwayman may use Pistol Shot shot or move forward with the help of Duelist’s Advance. From the center of the group it is available to him Wicked Slice, superimposition of bleeding via Open Vein or AoE damage Grapeshot Blast. At the forefront of it available Point Blank Shot, which causes great damage to the enemy, and moves back and Highwayman.
The cost of this flexibility is that the Highwayman has a bit of life and does not much damage in comparison with the more specialized classes. Also it does not have the ability to stun. But it can come in almost any song and against any enemy, you will always feel the benefit when taken this class.
At the beginning of the game you start with a Highwayman named Dismas.

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