Darkest Dungeon: Hellion Wallpapers

Darkest Dungeon: Hellion

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“The fury of the barbarian and the relentless ferocity make it a powerful ally. ”
~ Narrator
Hellion is a character of the first line, a fairly balanced in terms of DPS and its ability to withstand. Her skill set allows her to attack enemies, regardless of their position.
Hellion has a unique feature – its ability is very strong, but at the same time they impose on her weakening. It can use Breakthrough, to do a lot of AOE damage from any position. Bleed Out caused great damage and inflicts bleeding effects on the enemy in the first position. Barbaric YAWP! this is one of the few skills that stun multiple enemies. All these skills are applied to the effect of weakening Hellion, thus reducing its damage and evasion. This greatly reduces its effectiveness in combat, but you can use herbs (Medicinal Herbs) to remove the effects of weakening.
We should also mention the ability Iron Swan, which makes it the first position to attack the enemy in the last position. Skill Adrenaline Rush increases its damage and allows it to escape from the state of death (Death’s Door).
Her camp skills like combat: Battle Trance adds a lot of damage to it, if it is in the first position, but reduces damage to other positions; Revel reduces the stress of the whole group, but imposes on the group effects of weakening; Reject the Gods reduces its own stress levels, but increases the level of stress others, especially religious characters (Vestal, Crusader, leper). The only thing it is a skill that has no negative effects – Sharpen Spear, it increases its critical strike chance.

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