Darkest Dungeon: Bounty Hunter Wallpapers

Darkest Dungeon: Bounty Hunter

Darkest Dungeon: Bounty Hunter wallpapers for your PC, Android Device, Iphone or Tablet PC. If you want to download Darkest Dungeon: Bounty Hunter High Quality wallpapers for your desktop, please download this wallpapers above and click «set as desktop background». You can share this wallpaper in social networks, we will be very grateful to you. 

“The excitement and anticipation of the hunt awards. ”
~ Narrator
Bounty Hunter has a high damage, as well as a good utility skills. It can easily remove a single target and wreak havoc in the enemy ranks. In his set of skills includes his stunning, attraction and repulsion. Bounty Hunter does a great damage on marked targets, you should not be discounted, and it inflicted on the people. Unfortunately, Bounty Hunter is not intended for tanking and has no AOE skills.
For the most efficient use Bounty Hunter you should take with him a group of people who will be able to mark targets for him. Bounty Hunter is effective with the Crusaders, lepers or savage – he will be able to attract high-priority target for them with his hook. Just Bounty Hunter has a high damage on stunned targets due to the ability to Finish Him.

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