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Dark Souls III

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As with previous installments, the story reveals a very original way – in any way. From short dialogues with the characters and descriptions of objects can only guess about the history of the world and what happens in it. This leaves a lot of room for imagination and interpretations.
In the introduction to the player told a brief background, but it is clear there too little: the protagonist rose after death and tries to defeat the Lord of the ashes, to kindle the fire chief of the universe.
Murky world immediately makes it clear that it will be difficult. Just a stone’s throw from the main track of the plot turn is leading to a strong opponent – crystal lizard.
And while before going to his hero meets a note with the request “not to go” visit lizard still stands. Just five minutes after the first enemy is defeated, the player is faced with the first boss Iudeksom Gandirom. But the game has just begun!
The first boss that occurs soon enough, soposoben give a lot of trouble to the beginner
Even if you learn all of his attacks and learn to skillfully dodge the blows huge ax, do not expect a quick victory. After reaching a certain level of health, Iudeks appear in his second form (which is standard for this game). In this form it can kill with one blow. It is worth mentioning that at this point in the disposal of the player only three jars with Estusom (regenerate).
And his second form, among other things, is also terrible to horror
But if you go back to the story and its submission, it is impossible not to mention conceived characters. Each character has a story that he is ready to tell, and each is connected a small part of the game. As the world scattered items to help this or that the NPC, and if he has to give the subject, the game will be transformed. If you kill a character or not to save time, all will affect the story and may even restrict movement on the map.
Once in the first location, you can go in any direction, but if the hand is not the desired object or an action is not done in the other end of the map, is likely to pass will not everywhere. No one knows what path to go to advance the plot, but at the end of each track will be waiting for the next boss.
Naturally, each boss needs its own approach. On the way he met a dog and ice, and the fire demon, the magician and magician, a big hat, and many other creatures.
Compared to the Dark Souls 2, where almost every boss was just a great guy with a sword, then designers decided in anything does not deny. Many opponents inspire fear and horror only of its kind.
In terms of gameplay the game has absorbed all the best from the first part of the DS and Bloodborne. Fights have become much faster and more dynamic, but classical mechanics left the skilled player a chance to enjoy the memories of the original Dark Souls.
And the proud title of veteran of the first parts of the game is absolutely no guarantee that in this part of the passage is successful.
The class system has remained the same, but with a few changes: a new “Herald” and returned “Pyromancer”. As always selected when creating a character class or non-binding; at any time of the game Mage Knight can be done with a tower shield and two-handed sword. Do not forget the creators of the beloved and “Beggar”, which at the start has no armor and armed with a cudgel. Traditionally, its charm lies in the fact that from it we can make absolutely any character without reference to the class.
For simplicity, the game remained opportunity to call friends for help. Therefore, if you can not pass the next boss, you can call a few people in the group and quickly clean up the scene.
But the downside of this feature is that “group cleaning” at the moment destroys the whole atmosphere of the game – no hardcore in combat with opponents and, as a result, no joy of another victory.
Graphic arts
Together with the increased system requirements has been improved graphics. But do not expect from Dark Souls 3 stunning next-gen-image, but with design locations developers definitely coped with a bang.
Local beauty is so well developed that they want to consider. In contemplation could spend a couple of minutes, if not for the crowd of enemies who want you dead.
Many of the “old school” players in one voice asserting that the complexity of the Souls series overvalued. If a formula to solve the complexity of the game, it instantly becomes many times easier. Perhaps this is true, but at the same time hardly any other game can give the same feeling that gives the Dark Souls.
After another villain is defeated, which will be preceded by dozens or even hundreds of hours of hands will tremble with excitement and want to shout loudly: “I did it!”
Currently, the novelty lays claim to the “Game of the Year”. And besides, there are prerequisites – the game was able to incorporate all the best from the first part and the second failure to get rid of. Exquisite beauty of the world and terrifying monsters, attention to detail, as well as classical mechanics – it’s all about Dark Souls 3.

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