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Dark Souls 2

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Life is full of trials. Whether you are moving up the career ladder, or trying to catch a train – need a strategy that will help to overcome the difficulties and achieve the goal. The same applies to video games. Once all saved life or second, but now video games are literally fed you with a spoon, restore health and checkpoints are arranged in convenient places. The player does not think more will he be able to beat the game. The only question that remains – exactly when he will take it.
That is why the need games like Dark Souls 2. As a continuation of the series, the game combines ruthless temper Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. Dark Souls 2 – is not the most difficult game in the world, but it is best able to reward you for your efforts. The victory over the one and only boss gives more emotion than some games that all roads lead you by the hand entirely.
Anyone who has played in the last issue of the series will feel right at home. At the beginning of the dark portal opens, protagonist draws inside. It comes a hero in the Drangelike – decadent kingdom, suffering from the curse of the undead. First, you decide how the character looks, then determines with the starting class. You can choose between a warrior who can wear a shield, and a sorcerer. Unfortunately, unlike the previous games, you can not just throw faerbollami here.
Pyromania Although not among the initial skills, it does not mean that From Software somehow limits the ability of the player. Now at your own risk, you can use two weapons at a time, and yet we must remember that spells consume stamina. Mechanics hidden attacks became more situational, and some enemies have killed 15 times. But you can still hold a gun with one or two hands, rifts are still better than the blocks, and when you try to fend off the blows, you feel really cool. By themselves, these changes are not significant, but they do a solid combat system of the game.
The final boss will be a major challenge in the game? Like fun
When people talk about the Souls series, usually immediately recall the bosses. Dark Souls 2 – is no exception. The memory for a long time there is a feeling of helplessness at the first meeting with a serious opponent. But it is starting to get out of the village and find yourself in a foggy forest full of ethereal phantoms, or in the tomb, which took rodents as you know, that mythology is rich in amazing dark world. Drangelik as impressive as Boletariya or Lordran, but from the perspective of artistic taste From Software is able to outdo many.
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Bosses – an essential element of the dark world of Dark Souls, and in this respect, From Software it was hard to surpass themselves. Giant gray wolf with a huge sword, nightmarish custody Ornstein and Smoug – these heroes are hard to forget. In Dark Souls 2 has bosses 30 countries, and they are mainly secondary. “Fire Demon”, “huge knight”, one generally resembles gargoyle from the first part, but each of deja vu here have to fight in a pool of acid or some other impressive scene.
Does this mean that the final boss will be a major challenge in the game? Certainly not. This award goes multiplayer community. As before, you can do the PvP, penetrating into the worlds of other players in the form of red ghost, or, conversely, to help others, scattering appeal marks a particularly tricky places. These elements have not changed. The difference in the assistant, who became more. Heirs of the Sun like Solera from the original game, and will be useful in the attack, the other allies – such as the Rat King and the Preservers Bells – on the contrary, will help with protection.
The memory for a long time there is a feeling of helplessness at the first meeting with the boss.
It is said that death – is an integral part of life. In Dark Souls 2 is an integral part of the training. Each time you die, maximum health reduced slightly, and the only way to cancel this penalty – to get a special item that exists in a very limited number of copies. Disposable medical potions game also does not make it easy. On the contrary, by their addiction can do battle with the first boss only harder. If you take all of them and lose, back no one will return. Robust flask with estusom little easier life, but also to her still need to get.
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In Dark Souls 2 has a small disadvantage: it is too cautious, too afraid to break something in the design, built the previous two games. There is special in many ways the world, but the enemies and motivations are strongly reminiscent of the previous parts. I would like to lose a daughter and come here a naive novice, but even if you know that you have to beat every chest before it opened, the game you are likely to enjoy – after all, it is great to continue the tradition of the series. Some games give the choice between easy, medium and difficult modes. Dark Souls 2 just makes you collect will in a fist. Fight or die. Die and fight again.

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