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Daniil Kvyat – a famous Russian racing driver, champion of the Formula 1 race, was born in Ufa on April 26, 1994.


The boy was born in a very wealthy family. His father is a big businessman, a deputy of the Bashkir Council, a party figure. Mother, like a real eastern woman, completely devoted herself to her husband and son. It is noteworthy that the difference in the age of Daniil’s parents is more than 20 years, but this did not stop them from creating a pleasant, quiet atmosphere in the house and living in love and mutual understanding.

The boy was interested in sports in his early childhood. But at first he attended the tennis section. And, by the way, I achieved very good results. He even began to get an excellent career in tennis. Perhaps this would have happened if the case did not intervene in his destiny.

On an official need, his father moved with his family to Moscow. There, Daniel also began to train on the best courts. But one day on a weekend the boy together with his father came to the karting center. For the first time having traveled on the highway at the wheel of a speedy car, the boy fell in love with this sport forever.

Now in the karting center he spent all his free time. At first, parents tried to resent – tennis began to suffer. But when in just a few months the boy unexpectedly set a new track record for everyone, they became interested in motorsport trainers.

From the map to the “Formula 1”

When the 11-year-old began to attend the karting section and train along with the older guys, no one except the coaches took him seriously. But when he won the Christmas Cup in 2005 in Sochi, the attitude towards him changed dramatically.

Proved his extraordinary abilities for this sport Daniel in the same year, when very good (12th place) spoke at the Russian Championship.

A year later, he is at the same level in the championship of the capital and enters the field of vision of serious professional trainers engaged in training pilots for racing cars. Thanks to the financial support of his father, Daniil regularly flies to Rome and even performs at prestigious competitions for the Italian national team.

Frequent flights did not allow the boy to lead a normal life and adversely affected the quality of training. Therefore, in 2007, after evaluating all the prospects of the son, the father makes a decision to move the family to Rome for permanent residence. There the boy was quickly noticed by the trainers of the company “Lukoil” and invited to his program.

After several high-profile victories, Daniil receives an offer from the team “RED BULL” to join the youth team and retrain for cars of the “Formula” class. The dream of Daniel began to be realized little by little.

He very quickly proved himself not only as a talented racer, but also as a car enthusiast who cares about his car. This pleased the leadership, and it began to actively prepare for competitions.

For the first time at the wheel of the coveted car “Formula-1” Daniel was at the competition in the summer of 2013 at the age of 19 years. And a year later he became the main pilot of the company “Toro Rosso”. Since then, he is very confidently gaining momentum, although still remains one of the youngest riders.

2016 was not very successful for the athlete. On one of the races, he was let down by a car, at a championship in Sochi, he incautious driving provoked a major collision of several cars, for which he was fined.

Let’s hope that this year the stars above the head of the athlete will again settle correctly.

Personal life

About his personal life, Daniel never liked to talk with journalists. For a long time, she was not at all with a young athlete, as he devoted all his time exclusively to training, moving swiftly towards the embodiment of his dream.

Moreover, to see next to him, he primarily wanted a pleasant, sociable person, who also had to share his passion for racing.

And such a girl was finally found! Moving on the “Formula 1” Daniel met with the daughter of the famous rider Nelson Piquet – Kelly.

After exchanging a few phrases with the girl, he realized that she was exactly the one he was looking for. Therefore, very quickly their relationship became public – Daniel and did not try to hide them. While the couple are together and happy, but before the wedding the matter has not yet reached.

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