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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

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Danganronpa – franchise is very niche, and outside of Japan, it is known that except for last year’s anime adaptation. It’s not that the game is not the graphic novel Trigger Happy Havoc was released in Japan on PSP in 2010, followed by versions for iOS and Android, and the inevitable manga series based on the continuation … And only now, four years later, on the PS Vita published reprint of the original in English. Late, but surprisingly pleasant buying.
despair School
Makoto Naegi quite ordinary and unremarkable schoolboy miraculously appears enrolled in the prestigious academy “Peak of hope.” Education in this place promises significant benefits in the future, so that the young man accepts the offer, but not without its share of healthy skepticism. Indeed, why is it that he was given the right to study, together with the best young people of Japan?
Pop idols among the characters “school” games and series appear quite often and Danganronpa no exception.
On the appointed day Makoto comes to the academy. Stepping over the threshold, he loses consciousness and soon wakes up in an empty classroom with boarded up windows. On the table, a note: “Classes will start soon! Gathering in the gym. ” Raffle? A secret rite of passage?
But in the hall Makoto discovers fourteen same bewildered as he, teenagers. Here are all the cream of society, each – master of his craft, “absolute” teenager. “Absolute” programmer “absolute” writer of romance novels, “absolute” leader of the biker gang, “absolute” baseball player. Swimmer, a detective, a pop singer, soothsayer and many who have.
What, then, is released Makoto? And he won the invitation of the lottery conducted by the Academy, and thus received the nickname of “the absolute lucky.”
Most of Trigger Happy Havoc consists of mini-scenes, where you can choose one or the other subject and study it, or talk to someone of the available characters. ”
Director of the school, teddy bear Monokuma (here and below, you can draw parallels with Persona 4), according to most unpleasant news: the disciples locked in the Academy until the end of his days, and the only way out – to kill someone. Shock, panic … Attempts to call the police or to call the parents are in vain. “Why all this?” – Asked fluttered heroes. “I want you to know despair” – responds bear sadistic and disappears. Disgusting September 1, agree.
Skeletons in the closet
From a distance, the gameplay seems Danganronpa inventive mixture of gameplay Virtue’s Last Reward and Ace Attorney. The story is divided into chapters, each of them is killed first, then we will investigate and advocate in the court, trying to identify the offender. During the first half of the head of Makoto travels to school, looking for clues, she asks witnesses. But only one investigation, we are not limited in their spare time to socialize with other students on a variety of topics.
Despite the horrific circumstances Asahina still hopes to lasso a Hollywood star in the future.
Socialization is reduced to the usual dialogue, during which Makoto closer acquainted with the newly minted classmates, or to simple mini-games. Both methods lead to the strengthening of ties with the character, and in the end it can somehow help in the investigation. And, of course, the only way you will discover their characters – a classmate of the outcome is not quite the way it looks.
You can deliberately pay attention to someone specific, to get to the most intimate secrets – for example, make friends with a stern baseball player and find out what he really hates baseball and wants to become a musician.
All the characters in the end found cockroaches, often quite absurd. If you start to turn the affair with the sultry athlete suffering from an inferiority complex, to choose replicas in the dialogues, and often give gifts to her talk, the lady acknowledged that does not understand how to communicate with men, and very iz-za this complex. She asks Makoto to pretend to be her boyfriend, so he taught her how to be a mother Heartbreakers and helped to seduce Jason Stethema. And with regard to the circumstances in which the characters were, this is the most harmless.
During the trial, each participant can share their views on the killing. And, of course, some very much like to embellish and even misinterpret events.
That court. He’s coming
Either way, it comes to the trial, during which the need to identify the offender. All the evidence and arguments, obtained during the investigation, “charged” in the form of cartridges in the cartridge clip metaphorical revolver. Danganronpa name comes from the word “bullet” (Jap. 弾 丸 (ダ ン ガ ン) «Dangan”) and “rebuttal evidence” (Jap. 論 破 (ロ ン パ), «RGST”) is clearly an ulterior motive.
Begin debate. Heroes vying shouting their accusations and speculation, trying to outshout each other and to have his own. Manipulators are trying to lord it over weak-willed characters who are easy to accuse all around.
At this time you need to closely monitor all replicas, tracking lies and logical inconsistencies, and caught a strange remark, “shoot” for the one who suggested it. Makoto shout out company «Objection!» And turn the process in the opposite direction. Unlike Ace Attorney, here you are limited not only by the number of attempts to guess, but also the time and if you do not have time to uncover the killer before the end of the skirmish, the process will have to replay again.
If successful Monokuma cruelly punishes the offender – shoot, blow up or hang in a rocket sent into the stratosphere. Cruelty in Trigger Happy Havoc incredibly colorful. Blood is exceptionally bright pink, and coupled with the grotesque cartoon decorations, carefree electronic soundtrack and sometimes absolutely savage murders does Danganronpa even more eerie and strange.
On the murder told through comics like these sketches, which in the course of the trial grows with new details.
Danganronpa raises questions about which games they say often. At what point the person is ready to betray or kill neighbor for their own benefit and safety? How important is it to maintain a human face, when there is only death, despair and lies? No one knows whether the student will be able, with whom you are now babbling about life in general to survive until tomorrow and do not have to whether to act against him in court.
Trigger Happy Havoc is in a player special features – a cold-blooded calm, equanimity, is constantly growing distrust. Because any partner can be a potential killer and does not hesitate to stick a knife in the back with the same smile with which yesterday chatted with you in class.
Interesting, well thought out story, wrapped in the familiar, seemingly wrap graphic novel in Danganronpa time is diluted by other aspects of the game – the study of the school, searching for clues, questioning, mini-games and a lawsuit. Thanks to the original, and sometimes shocking design already known mechanics appear in a new light, and get bored just do not have time. A few hours later to compare Trigger Happy Havoc does not want to Ace Attorney, nor Virtue’s Last Reward, with nothing else – it is completely independent and original game. And it is much smarter than the anime based.

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