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Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

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The future is vague and mysterious. The future is dangerous and unstable. No one can be sure in the future … of course, if he does not go to the academy, “Peak of Hope”, which guarantees its graduates an absolute success! Sounds familiar, does not it? The plot of the second part Danganronpy at first seems almost copying the beginning predecessor. Hero, dreamily gazes into the majestic building of the academy. Loss of consciousness, mysterious classroom, where there are fifteen more fellow sufferers. Gloomy pressing weatherp … hey, what’s this?
Do not have time to build and a couple of guys theories about what is happening, the situation changes dramatically. Ofigevshy company welcomes the absurd but very friendly plush rabbit Usami, while sounding their teacher. Class walls crumble around – a tropical paradise, though descended from advertising “Bounty”: palm trees, sand, sea, sun … Usami explains the situation “tour” where everyone should just relax and make friends! On the academy at the same time for some reason, you need to forget forever. Although the heroes immediately awakens a natural paranoia, not to say that they are going through very strongly too. After all, swimming in the warm sea – a great way to relax and stop the wave … Wait, what’s that?
How so suddenly swooped clouds? And what a strange black-and-white bear? ..
Not worth it and doubt that Monokuma – series character and the main villain of the first part, is able to deprive attention so greasy bait. Within minutes, Usami nakostylyat bewildered and forced to stick to her new name – Monomakh, he begins to set its own rules on the wonderful island. Recreation and universal friendship? It’s so boring that already sick! How about … a little bit to kill each other, eh?
Conditions are the same as before. If someone will be able to kill his neighbor, and arrange everything so that it is not suspected, he could leave the island and return to his former life. All other participants will be executed “excursions”. Well, if in the course of the court hearing the criminal will lead to clean water – nothing to complain about, just waiting for his execution.
It would seem, why bother to kill someone? Around not gloomy walls and boarded windows Pick despair. The situation is not a gift, but it’s not so horrible to dirty your hands with blood!
Or … just so?
Monokuma true to himself – he has shown ingenuity miracles to get the characters to take up arms against each other. Each new theme more than the previous shocks, ranging from exquisite madness to unbridled brutality. More blood! More corpses! More despair! Monokuma wants more!
Cases fitted with a fair fiction, going to a new level, even in comparison with an excellent first part. Not just once or twice a scenario will kick where it hurt clever, immediately decided to “and, well, everything is clear,” or experts metasyuzheta, try to calculate the killer did not even acquainted with the evidence. Pinky strong – guarantee as a representative of both of the above types of players. Feel like an idiot has never been so nice!
But in parting with dead pleasant enough – And this applies to both victims and killers. Characters are registered with such love and imagination, which again outshine the heroes of the first part. Despite the score skeletons cupboards, almost every one of them is sincere sympathy. The protagonist named Hajime Hinata character pretty similar to its counterpart of the original Danganronpy only with classical storyline disease – amnesia.
As before, all participants “murderous expedition” represent a superfood (the official translation of “absolute” – “Ultimates”) talent in a particular area. We look at the super-coach, super-athlete, a super-geymersh, super-yakuza, super princess … Even with super-lucky, the role of which is not given to the protagonist. Pleasant is the fact that this time one hundred percent related to the assassination of talent of various characters, but the puzzle is not easier.
Almost all the gameplay elements in the second Danganronpe improved and polished to a shine. As before, we are exploring a variety of locations, building relationships with his friends, investigate the murder and to sit on the court. What changed?
Studies have become a little more variety, plus an incentive to move on foot, ignoring fasttrevel – built pet Tamagotchi, increasing the number of steps. In addition, the more time the hero spends looking at the different parts of the island, the more generous he slept experience. The levels affect the number of “x” and “mana” in the courts, and increase the ability points.
The establishment of friendly relations is now clear and understandable is displayed in the menu – every successful dialogue gives Hajime “shard of hope,” referring to the object of his attention. Five fragments – a sure pledge of lasting friendship! Or even a hint of romance, if you talk to some ladies. Unfortunately, only a hint. In addition, the maximum communication open most useful skills.
Investigations remain the same, except that now they are involved all the characters. Do not be fooled – it’s still the same visual story, and the plot will not be able to influence. However, the illusion of a living world is extremely plausible.
The courts have changed the most.
We still are endless debates, but now the hero can not just oppose incorrect statements, but also agree with the faithful! If one of the participants of the round table did not like Hajime arguments begin “Rebuttal Showdown” – a verbal battle where you have to dissect the chatter of the enemy, and then combat it, “the blade of truth” – an argument with which it is impossible to argue.
The new regime – “Logic Dive” – funny arcade race on a skateboard in the head Hajime, which from time to time need to choose the way to the right answer.
“Hangman’s Gambit”, where you had to guess the word, abruptly gained complexity. Now, sometimes it is necessary to recognize whole sentences, frantically grabbing and inserting the desired letters and norovyaschie collide in the air.
“Bullet Time Battle” became a “Panic Talk Action” – is still rhythmic tykalka two buttons, but now a little faster and easier.
Finally, “Closing Argument” has undergone minor changes – panels in the manga are given small portions, not en masse.
In general, apart from Hangman’s Gambit, addressed natural hell, all the changes definitely benefited. Courts even gaining pace in comparison with the first part, but it was at times exciting. Skills obtained in peacetime, significantly influence the process, especially if you play on hard. Skirmishes characters look clearly and convincingly, and even the most narrow-minded of them there, he comes up with a brilliant idea.
The plot is full of mysteries and sudden turns in advance. And if a couple of the major twists can guess tracked zhirnyuschimi allusions in the prologue to the rest of the walk is not so easy. Prisoners islands develop and change – sometimes to the point that is easy to start hiccuping with terror. If the original Danganronpe overwhelming despair reigned in its continuation Ball Madness ruled by Her Majesty. Patchy second part is clearly reminiscent of the anime “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”. Darkness can wake up each. The question is – who can restrain her?
Alas, to evaluate all this magnificence is possible only having PS Vita. Your humble servant, in fact, bought the console for this purpose. In principle, no one stops to play and apart from the first part, but then many of the plot twists seem obscure, and is guaranteed to receive serious spoilers, incompatible with life, followed by the passage of the original.
In addition to the increased length (32 hours of gameplay compared to 22 in the first), the second Danganronpa offers a number of other entertainment. Unpretentious but cute arcade about Monomakh, fend off hordes Monokumy messengers. “Island mode” after the end of the main story – a kind of parallel universe where no one prevented the children to live on the island in peace and friendship. In the same spirit – the story “Danganronpa If”, referring to the events of the first part. What would happen if some of the characters alive and began to act differently?
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair! – It’s the same formula as in the first part, but more and better. It’s a great detective story with an intriguing beginning and the unexpected outcome. The history of that horrible past should not take precedence over this light. What a beautiful word “hope” does not become weaker, even when it is trying to distort the worst of madmen.
The only negative of the game … sooner or later, it still comes to an end. A third part will create and translate not quite soon. But you can not ask for the impossible, right?

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