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Dana Delany

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Dana DeLaney is a popular American film and television actress, producer and recently TV presenter. It is unlikely that today you can find at least one fan of modern TV series, which would not recognize it in the heroines of a number of telenovelas. “Law and order. Special Corps “,” Desperate Housewives “,” Police Officer “,” Castle “,” Investigation of the body “- this is only an incomplete list of serials with her participation.
American actress Dana Delaney, who received the full name of Dan Wells Delaney at birth, was born on March 13, 1956. She was lucky to be born in the largest city in the US – the famous New York. In a city that many people only dream of once seeing, she lived the best childhood years. An American of Irish descent, Dana Delaney, intended to become an actress all her adult life. Parents of Dana provided her with an opportunity to get a great education. She graduated with honors from a prestigious private school – the Phillips Academy in Massachusetts and became a graduate of Wesleyan University of Art in Connecticut. At the end of the latter, in 1978, Dilanie returned to her hometown, where she embarked on an independent large voyage on the waves of ascension to the actor’s glory. Like many famous film stars, Dana had to go through the classic path of an aspiring actress, who plays in little-known soap operas, playing tiny episodic roles and running from one casting to another in the breaks between the main earnings-the work of the waitress. When luck finally smiled at the young girl, she instantly found herself on the glorified Broadway, having played in the musical based on the novel by James Michener’s “Pacific History” – “South Pacific”. For the first time on the “big” screen, Dilany managed to be in 1981, with the release of the dramatic thriller “Fan”. In the film, directed by the rather well-known to date creator of TV series Edward Bianchi, the actress got the barely noticeable role of a saleswoman in a music store. Subsequently, there was again work on television with a rare hit in really worthwhile films and the voice of animated heroines. In particular, Andrea’s voice was spoken by Andrea from the fantastic cartoon “Batman: The Mask of Fantasy” and Dr. Susan Fox in the animated television series “Dachman”. A real breakthrough for Dana was shooting in the 1988 television series “China Beach”, which was shown on one of the leading American channels “ABC”. The role of Lieutenant Colin McMurphy, a military nurse in Vietnam, brought the actress long-awaited fame and four nominations for the main television award Emmy. Eventually, Dana Delaney won the prize twice, winning in 1989 and 1991 in the category “Best Dramatic Actress”. To date, the filmography of the actress includes more than eighty paintings, many of which have earned her many more honored awards, including the PRISM Awards for her role as Katherine Mayfir in Desperate Housewives, the award at the Wild Rose Film Festival for Play in the comedy tape “30 route” and the award “Lone Star Film & Television” – for the main role in the television drama “This woman”. How many awards an actress will still receive, time will tell, because her popularity does not go down every year, and Dana continues to act actively.

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