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Dallas is situated on a hilly area in North Eastern part of Texas at the confluence of three tributaries of the Trinity river. It is the third largest city in Texas after Houston and San Antonio and ninth in the United States of America.
The Dallas story originates from 1841, when John Neely Bryan (John Neely Bryan) chose a place along the river as a trading point.
State: Texas
Founded: 1841., settlement with 1856.
Population: 1 246 185 people
Nickname: Big D (Big D), City of hate (City of Hate)
The History Of Dallas
In 1842 the newly formed camp Brian arrived a few settlers. Later the settlement became known as the Village of Petra.
Why the city is called Dallas?
In 1845, the Village of Petra was renamed Dallas in honor of the Vice-President of the USA George Mifflin Dallas (1792 – 1864.g.).
The official status of the settlement, Dallas received in 1856, the city in 1871.
The years of development of Dallas occurred in the period of the civil war (1861-1865.g.), at the time Dallas was the base of supplies for the troops of the Confederation.
In 1871 in Texas did the work on laying railway track, which bypasses Dallas, however, the representatives of the company “Texas Pacific Railroad” engaged in the construction of the railway, could not resist tempting offers in front of the leaders of Dallas in the form of free land. In the end, the road was 32 km to the West than previously planned. Thus, from 1872 through Dallas served by railway that was contributed to the development of the city.
From 1872 to 1886, the population of Dallas grew from 6,000 to 36,000 people. Dallas has become one of the largest suppliers of cotton, and by 1900 the city became the regional centre of the cotton trade.
The next boom in Dallas came in 1930, when near the town was discovered huge deposits of oil. Thanks to this discovery, many Dallas residents were quickly enriched. In the same year, the world learned about the Dallas criminals Clyde barrow and Bonnie Parker, better known as Bonnie and Clyde.
22 Nov 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in his motorcade prothuses in downtown Dallas. In Kennedy were fired 2 bullets in the head and neck. Texas Governor Connally, who was in the motorcade with Kennedy, was wounded.
After Kennedy’s assassination, Dallas has worked hard to restore its reputation. In 1973, the city opened Airport Fort worth Dallas, and in 1984 hosted the national Convention of the Republican party. From 1980 to 1982 in Dallas were shooting the same series, which had the highest rating among evening shows in the United States.
In 1998, the city has experienced the strongest in the history of drought. Temperature of 56°C was kept for 29 days in a row, bringing the heat, killing more than 100 people, and the crop was irreparably damaged.
In the twenty-first century, Dallas is not only a center of cotton production and refining industries, as well as the center of women’s fashion and a regional center for financial and insurance institutions.
Crime in Dallas
At the beginning of the 2000s, the crime rate in Dallas was much higher than the national average. According to statistics, the number of property crimes was $ 5470 per 100,000 people, and the level of physical crime – 717,6 per 100,000 people.
The Economy Of Dallas
At the turn of XIX-XX centuries, the economy of Dallas was especially strong. The unemployment rate in the city amounted to only 3% growth in the number of jobs is 3.8%, which is significantly above the national average.
Dallas is a regional financial center for the American southwest. Despite the decline of the oil boom in Texas, the growth of which slowed in the second half of the twentieth century, the city continues to be the corporate center of the oil companies. In Dallas there are more headquarters of an oil company than in any other US city.
Job in Dallas
About 20% of people living in Dallas work in industry, 20% in the service sector and about 30% – in retail trade.
After the Second world war, Dallas became one of the largest manufacturers of aircraft and rocket equipment. In 1950, the company “Texas instruments” (Texas Instruments) has created an integrated microchip for the computer and handheld calculator. This step was the first in the high-tech movement in Dallas.
Environment Dallas
Dallas is located on the Prairie in the northeastern part of Texas, along the Trinity river. Height above sea level ranges from 137 to 229 metres. Throughout its history Dallas suffers from floods and droughts. Since the city is located between rainy Louisiana and the desert of West Texas, the weather here often alternates then wet, then dry periods.
Sports in Dallas
Dallas is represented by four professional sports teams:
Dallas stars – NHL (hockey)
Dallas – MLS (soccer)
Dallas Mavericks – NBA (basketball)
Dallas Cowboys – NFL (American football)
Parks and recreation areas in Dallas
In the Dallas there are more than 300 parks, 50 reservoirs and lakes for fishing, swimming, sailing and boating. Park white Rock lake (White Rock Lake) Dallas plays the same role as a Central Park for New York. The Park is located in the city center and is a favorite spot for sports fans. People come here to go Jogging, bike riding, fishing and sailing. In Dallas there are approximately 1,000 kilometres of Cycling paths in parks and bike lanes along city streets.
Tourism in Dallas
Spring and autumn is the best time to visit Dallas. The fact that summer in Dallas is usually very hot and muggy, and winters are cool and rainy. In the Dallas there are many restaurants, almost two times more per capita than in new York. Dallas is annually visited by millions of tourists.

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