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Daphne Keane Fernandez (Spanish: Dafne Keen Fernández); kind of 01/01/2005) – Anglo-Spanish actress, known for playing the role of Ana “Ani” Oliver Cruz in the television series “Refugees” and the mutant Laura Kinney (X-23) in the movie “Logan”.

Daphne Keane is the daughter of British actor Will Keane and Spanish actress, theater director and writer Maria Fernandez Achi. Her great-grandfather Edward Curzon, the 6th Earl of Howe.

Kin made her film debut in 2014 with her father on the television series “Refugees”, where Ane “Ani” Cruz Oliver played.

Kin starred in the superhero film “Logan” with Hugh Jackman as the mutant Laura Kinney (X-23).

After the movie “Logan,” we can say goodbye to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and say “hello” to the very young Daphne Keane. Many viewers were amazed at how such a young actress managed so surprisingly believable to embody the mutant X-23 on the screen. Talk around the actress does not subside even a few weeks after the premiere of the movie “Logan”.

Daphne is the daughter of British actor Will Keane (“The Impressionists”, “Sherlock”) and Spanish actress Maria Fernandez Hache. The list of her close and distant relatives includes a large number of scriptwriters and directors. “I remember spending whole holidays at rehearsals. I watched how mom and dad work. I often traveled around the world with them when they presented their films. I watched Hamlet, which my parents put on, more than 10 times. I always liked. I remember how the artists rehearsed their roles, and I tried to memorize all their lines, ”said 12-year-old Daphne. According to the young actress, she also learned one important lesson from her parents – to remain truthful when telling her story.

In the UK, Daphne rehearsed with the Independent Talent Group, in Spain, Let’s Work Together, and she debuted in the TV series “Refugees” in 2015. But I started playing Daphne much earlier. “When I was 4, I often arranged home shows with my girlfriend Vera for our parents. Our show was called Funny Girls. ”

Even before the filming of the movie “Logan”, Daphne spoke two languages, and also owned martial arts. “When I first saw the Daphne trial record, I told Hugh [to Jackman] and Simon [Kinberg] that she was perfect for us,” recalls picture director James Mangold. “But then I thought we would not work together.”

According to Daphne, before the first day of shooting, she was very nervous: “I was so worried. I just jumped from bed to bed in a hotel room and could not stop. When I first came to the shooting, I had a brand new watch, but I didn’t know how they work. We had a scene where Hugh took me by the wrist, and every time he touched my watch, they started to ring. I did not want to admit that it was because of me, and the artists did not understand where the noise was coming from. I was very shy, but then Hugh asked me: “Is your watch making noise?”, I answered yes, and James Mangold and Hugh started laughing. We immediately felt each other friends. They made me feel free and relaxed. ”

When asked about who her favorite actors are, Daphne replied: “If I say that I love my parents, Hugh and Patrick [Stewart], you would think that I cuddle. But besides them, I love Peter Sellers, Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, John Cleese and Greg Kinnear. And the actress from “Singing in the Rain.” She is beautiful. ”

When Daphne starred in a FOX film, she was only 11 years old. Producer Simon Kinberg spoke of her as “a naturally insanely talented and very natural girl,” and director James Mangold said that Daphne is “incredibly physically gifted.” All members of the film crew noted that she was always full of energy, and between takes she always ran around the playground.

She also hit during dramatic scenes. “When we started discussing the script, we often recalled Natalie Portman and her play in the movie“ Leon ”. There she played a child, but she embodied an adult with a lot of life experience, ”says Kinberg. He also advises directors who will continue to work with Daphne: “Trust her instincts. Watch her — she often does things that child actors never do. Children are often too pompous, but Daphne, on the contrary, is very modest. ”

Daphne has already shown everyone her skills in acting and martial arts, but many don’t know that she still loves comedy and singing. “I really like old musicals and would love to play in one of them,” admitted the actress.

James Mangold has already mentioned that he is interested in the idea of ​​the X-23 spin-off, and Daphne has already admitted that he would not mind putting his claws on himself again. “Laura is an emotional bomb. She is very complicated. She wants to be strong, but at the same time she feels very vulnerable. I like her very much. I would play it further. ”

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