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Cynthia grew up in a creative atmosphere, her mother was an actress, and his father worked as a radio journalist.

Cynthia was the only child and after the divorce of their parents stayed with his mother, who was very ambitious woman. It was she who made the daughter of a real star. “My mother never raised the noise due to their problems – says the actress. – Even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she did not do from this tragedy. I was about thirteen years old, I starred in my first film, and all I remember about this situation – its quiet talk in a low voice with her boyfriend. She talked to me about his illness, but, in between times, and it does not look like a matter of life and death. ”

Acting career she began early. In 12 years, Cynthia has played his first role in the movie “Seven rich kid desires”, and 15 received the theater award. On television, the actress has remained unnoticed for a long time, mostly she played small roles in serials. Career Broadway evolved much better than in the movie.

In 1996, Cynthia Nixon was nominated for a major theatrical award “Tony”. In 18 years, Cynthia was already a star of Broadway, and the fame has not spoiled her. She successfully graduated from high school and enrolled in college.

One day, her good friend Sarah Jessica Parker offered her the role of his girlfriend in the series “Sex and the City.” It was a real breakthrough for all those who somehow was involved in the creation of the series.

Almost overnight all the main actors the show has become the number one star in Hollywood. For his role as Miranda Hobbs, Cynthia received “Emmy.” She also refused and the offer to star in a feature film based on the series, so it can be seen in the film “Sex and the City” (2008) and its second part.

“One fan knocked the door to public toilet stall to ask for my autograph. This attention is very nice when you sit with your pants down and think about eternity! We girls had the nerve to try and hug me when I came out. At that moment I was beside myself with rage “, – was indignant Cynthia.

With her future husband met Cynthia at school. David Moses had never been a beauty, but he was strong and creative. In 1988, they began to meet, in advance of the wedding, it never came. Only eight years later the actress gave birth to her first child – a girl, Samantha, and while filming the fifth season of the series – a son, Charles. Just a couple has lived for 15 years, but Cynthia, to be honest, was not in love, to get married. And, as it turned out later, the reason was not David.

In 2004, Cynthia finally fallen in love … with a woman! Christine Marioni actress met to protest against cuts in public school budget. “In kindergarten, where my daughter went for lunch six children should be only three adults. I went into the rally not as an actress, but as a concerned parent. And I was taken out in handcuffs, although in general the police were very kind. ”

Together with her “tied” and Christina. In college, Cynthia has had homosexual experience, and now she has decided to remember his youth. It turned out well. In May 2012, Christine Cynthia combined legal marriage in New York.

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