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Curtis Armstrong

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Curtis Armstrong is a very popular and talented American actor, well known to fans of television series and feature films. He often appears on the screen, thus fulfilling a variety of roles.
He was born in USA, Michigan – November 27, 1953. His parents were Robert Leroy Armstrong and Norma E. Mother of the future star, was a teacher at the school, and advocated that her son must obtain a prestigious education in the best school of the country. So it happened, after high school, Berkeley, Curtis enrolled at Oakland University in Rochester. Op was very diligent and capable student, for which he was very fond of the teachers of this educational institution. As a result, the future star was a diploma and a lot of different honors.
But, despite the fact that none of his family had no relationship to the world of creativity, young Curtis was always interested in art, but rather the cinematography. Already quite conscious age, he thought about an acting career.
Already in 1983 he had the opportunity, and he, of course, immediately realized his long-held dream into reality. It was then that he took part in his first painting, entitled “Dangerous business.” A year later he had the opportunity to play in the Comedy “revenge of the nerds”, which became very popular, and as a result was released. After this followed a lot of suggestions in various film projects. The actor is very fond of the audience, thanks to his talent and his frequent appearance on the screens.
In addition, Curtis Armstrong actively participated in the filming television projects, and has become known among fans of daytime soap operas. It should be noted that he was good with a variety of images. Initially, he played comedic characters, but eventually moved to other more serious images.
In addition to filming in movies and TV series, he is very actively engaged in the scoring. And after a while he is very much fond of music.
He has always been interested in the work of musician Harry Nilsson, at the time a very famous artist and a lyricist. The actor has never ceased to amaze professionalism and creative talent of this singer, and eventually became an expert of his work.
But, despite it all is her acting career took up a major part of the time Curtis Armstrong. His career is very well developed, and today it is very popular and highly paid actor in the United States.

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