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Cristiano Ronaldo DOS Santos Aveiro (this is the full name of a football Prodigy) was born on 5 February 1985 in Funchal, the capital of the Autonomous Portuguese province of Madeira. He now prefers to stay on the same island, known to the world as the birthplace of the fortified wine “Madeira”. Now, of course, and as the birthplace of Ronaldo.
His father Jose Diniz Aveiro occupied a small administrative post in local football club “Andorinha” (“Swallows”) that have contributed to the future of Cristiano. Not for nothing “the most” of all his Christmas gifts he still calls soccer ball, received in childhood from her father. Yes and proved “prophetic,” the name Ronaldo is also his father’s idea. Newborn got it in honour of the then US President (Ronald Reagan. – Ed.) and fame can compete with the namesake.
However, the slightly grown-up Ronaldo’s name was hoped for, but did not messes up, he stubbornly learned the basics of football wisdom on the dusty streets on the outskirts of Funchal, where he received from his peers nicknamed “Kluivert” (myself, Cristiano, honestly, would prefer to be called “Maradona” after the name of his then idol, but against the “flying Dutchman” of Kluivert doesn’t mind). And in eight years in his sporting life he had his first transfer. After playing some time in the youth team “Andorinha”, he got in leading the island club “Nacional”. It is known that other island club, “Maritimo”, also had some views on Ronaldo and even promised him “Andorinha” good by local standards the money. But Prodigy went to “Nacional”, who offered in exchange the “sign” of the biennial team kit, football boots and shapes.
At twelve years of Cristiano jokingly straightened on the field with the opponents in three or four years her senior, was voted best player of the island, and soon went on a long journey in the Portuguese capital. So he in one fell swoop overcome “the great distance” – not only by geographic standards (still 600 miles), but also in sports too. After all, the beauty and pride of Madeira football was in Lisbon “sporting”!
Training in the famous team rookie combined with studies at the Lisbon football Academy. Fans of “sporting” it took quite a bit of time to appreciate Cristiano. In their Arsenal there were chants like “give me the ball, Cristiano”, which sounded each time someone of the partners took a pass with the universal favorite. Praised Ronaldo and guide sporting: he is the only one in the history of the club, the player who managed for one season to play first in the “under 18”, then – “not over 21” in the reserves and finally get into the first team! And if you add to that the successful performance of Cristiano at the Junior Championships will become clear that the interest shown to him by many leading European clubs: AC Milan, Barcelona, Juventus, Liverpool, real Madrid, Chelsea.
Another sharp turn in the fate of Ronaldo happened in August of last year. In a friendly preseason match sporting took Manchester United and cost the club quite inhospitable, beating them 3:1. The main offender appeared Ronaldo. But they did not hold it against him – and generally behaved unexpectedly. Immediately after the game in Lisbon, the players started talking about a miracle-football player with sir Alex Ferguson. Started in the locker room “treatment” as a mentor, they continued on the way to the airport, and then on the plane. Sir Alex himself has long had his eye on Ronaldo, and clubs-competitors are not asleep; anyway, a week later, in the “MJ” appeared first in the history of the team the player is Portuguese. The acquisition was expected to cost 20 million “green” – a record in British football figure for a player of a teenager.
Manchester United Ronaldo chose N7: under this number in favor (or at least were until recently) in Portugal, his current football idol of Fig. But for the fans of the club “seven” – “not just for the heart sound”, they have their own Association with this number: Eric Cantona, ‘brien Robson, David Beckham… the Debut season for Cristiano in England showed that he is worthy of the legendary seven.
However, the enemy’s gate Ronaldo struck for the first time only November 1, but in the spring the fans recognized Ronaldo is the best in the team’s player of the season. Largely through his efforts Manchester United won the FA Cup (and in the final match Cristiano just terrorized the defense of “Millwall” and scored a goal). Speed and dribbling, pass and kick (with both feet and from both flanks) – the young Portuguese good in all game components. Add to that fighting spirit – unexpected for a player of such a tender football age and slender appearance. On the field Ronaldo is unstoppable – and it does not pulls the blanket over himself. Not without reason experts in the midst of last season, spoke about the new lethal weapons “MU” – the conjunction of the three “R” in the face of Ronaldo, Ruud (van Nistelrooy) and Ryan (Gigsa). (Now, with the arrival of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, it is time to talk about the four “R”.)
It is clear that the player is under “bukhanovsky” number expected not only football skill. And Ronaldo, to his credit, not only the football skill is different; it is much faster than its stellar predecessor learned: even the most daring experiments with their own appearance to the image of the athlete at present – not a hindrance. Cristiano almost every month changing a hair style and have already got earrings. And his broken English did not interfere in communicating with enthusiastic fans. In the first weeks after the appearance of “MU” cute Portuguese fans English girl have created a few dozen web-sites Ronaldo and sent him many marriage proposals. Vacant with the departure of Beckham in a real Holy place was empty for very long…

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