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Crispin Glover is an American film Director, actor, producer and screenwriter. In addition, he is also a writer and singer.
Born on 20 April 1964 in a creative family. Mother Crispin was a talented and popular actress and dancer, however, after the birth of Crispin left his career and became a housewife. Father, Bruce Glover, was also a successful actor in particular, he played in one of the films about James bond with Sean Connery.
The career of Crispin Glover began in 1974 when he starred in the TV series “Happy days.” The first time Crispin had got only small roles of the second plan. Despite this, even very small appearance on the screen gave the opportunity to the then young actor to showcase their talent.
The first serious role, Glover was in the movie “Racing with the moon” and “Teachers”, released in 1984. A significant acting career for Glover moment came in 1985 – when the screens out the film, which later became recognized classics – “Back to the future”. In this tape, Glover played the role of a slightly mad father of the main character George, Macfly. For shooting this film the actor was nominated for the award “Saturn” in the category “best supporting actor” and the film won 13 awards.
In 2000, Crispin Glover played in the famous Comedy action movie “Charlie’s Angels” together with such actors as Cameron Diaz, drew Barrymore, Bill Murray and Lucy Liu. A few years later, the actor played the role of Rodion Raskolnikov in the film adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime and punishment”.
In 2005 came the work of Crispin Glover, called “What Is It?”, in which he made virtually all were made by the author of the script, the Director, producer and performer of small roles. For this film, Glover was honored with two awards in 2006.
In 2010, Glover starred in the fantasy movie “Alice in Wonderland” in the role of Knave of hearts and the Comedy “the time Machine in the Jacuzzi”. In 2012, Crispin Glover played in the black Comedy directed by Martin McDonagh’s “Seven psychopaths”. Besides her work, Crispin Glover also has other multi-faceted creative abilities. So, it is known as the writer – Glover wrote several books, one of the most famous of them is called “Catching Rats”.
In addition Glover is involved in music activities and singing: he recorded an album in the style of “outsider music” under the name “The Big Problem The Solution. The Solution Let It Be”.
And Crispin Glover has a peculiar hobby – he is a collector of esoteric items of value.

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