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About the film
“Criminal” – a very complex film with confusing plot, which tells about the life of an unscrupulous and cruel killer. During his “career”, he managed to make a lot of terrible crimes, and the police could not get out on his trail. Even the most inveterate criminals trying to get this guy’s side, recognizing his skill. For years, the perpetrator managed to hide from justice, but one mistake cost him his freedom, and law enforcement agencies have been able to carry out the arrest. For all his crimes a man was sentenced to death without having to justify possible. The offender is sent to prison, where he has no choice but to obediently wait for execution. In parallel with these events CIA officer, performing a very important task, he was killed by gunmen who found themselves smarter and more cunning than him.
The main problem for the organization was not even the death of a valued employee, and the information that was in his mind, it was too valuable. CIA goes to great lengths just to save the lost data, and scientists have solved the complex, a genetic experiment that allowed them to transplant the consciousness of the deceased in the body of another person. Sounds fanatical, is not it? But, as we know, modern technology has reached its peak and is almost nothing is impossible in the world. Then the organization appealed for help to the condemned criminals who would live and so long, and he agrees to take part in the experiment. Fortunately, everything went well and now just two persons are in the body of one person. Which of them will win, and how the body behaves, nobody knows, because scientists are not able to penetrate the consciousness of others. Perhaps, they were able to change the minds of criminals and send it to the right path, and maybe he just acquired valuable information that can be used in dire purposes.

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