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Born 08.18.1964, Rye Brook, NY, USA.
American actor and screenwriter.
The beginning of the way
Craig Bierko, full name Phillip Craig Bierko, born August 18, 1964 in Rye Brook the US state of New York in a family of theater-goers. Parents Craig Rice was headed to the theater, New York, and that is where a decade of promising thespian made his stage debut in the play “Gypsy.”
After high school, the young man went to Boston University, where he studied broadcast journalism. A little later, Craig Bierko transferred to Northwestern University, while there has already worked well-known to this day the Faculty of Performing Arts – who later graduated.
Film career
His career in film began with Craig Bierko roles in comedy series, usually embodying the image of a nervous character, but, unlike most unique, not painfully neurotic.
In 1990 he had a number of major roles, but all the pictures with Craig Bierko practically not met much success with the public. The actor played the evil lawyer, hire a private investigator Valerie Bertinelli in a short series “Sydney”, then was the role of energetic journalist, has his eye on the daughter of Dabney Coleman in the short-lived project, “Madman of the human race,” and his next role was as a freak child of her husband of Julia Warner in “Pride and joy”.
After moving to Los Angeles, Craig Bierko played in the production of “Boys from Syracuse” troupe Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Carol Channing. At the same time, the talented actor first came on the TV screen – in 1987 Craig got the role in the educational film “The day when my child went to the punks.” After signing a three-year contract with the TV channel NBC Bierko starred “Star Danielle Steele” in the film in 1993.
Then actor’s career went much more slowly. For the first time on the big screen by Craig Bierko I tried to break through in 1991, but the picture is “victimless crime” for a variety of reasons not to go to the theaters, and was immediately released on video.
By the end of the 1990s, the actor for the second time tried to gain a foothold in the film – and this attempt was the film “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” where he played a positive character on the story for a long time was considered the villain and chased the main characters, superbly played by Geena Davis and Samuel L . Jackson.
During a short break, Craig had to voice ioannitov preacher in one of the radio shows, then had a role in the romantic comedy “Escaping the ideal.” A certain shift in the acting career of Craig Bierko occurred after he brilliantly played by Steven Weber cousin Larry David in the film “The Grapes of discord” and the title role of the alleged killer in the thriller “The Thirteenth Floor”.
In 2000, Craig Bierko surprised many of his friends, playing a major role quite prestigious – Harold Hill – in the remake of the cult musical “Musician”.
His interpretation of the role is not very far removed from the previous incarnation – played at the time, Robert Preston. However, Craig Bierko greatly modified the image, making it much more real, complex whole.
For his efforts, Craig Bierko was nominated for “Tony”. Next was no less successful role of Susan Stroman in the movie “You should not.”
In 2001, in sought-after actor had a small cameo in the popular romantic comedy “Kate & Leopold”. Then Craig Bierko entered the short series command “Court” with Sally Field in the title role, in addition, he starred in the episode “Love on the occasion,” and in the television movie “Sudden Fear.”
The next major role went to Craig Bierko in 2003 – the adoptive father of the child, David Spade in the film “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.” Two years later, the actor perfectly coped with the role of high-legendary boxer Max Bayer, which was released on the battle with the legendary folk era of the Great Depression by Jim Braddock – Actor Russell Crowe in the Ron Howard biopic “Cinderella Man.” According to some reports, for reliable empathy in the role, Craig big quarrel with Crowe in real life at the time of filming.
In “Scary Movie 4” brilliantly worked rol- parody of Tom Cruise’s character from “War of the Worlds” – bumbling idiot dad, heroically to save their children from the evil aliens on a giant tripod.
After Craig Bierko played a small role of a jazz musician, another lover of Sarah Jessica Parker in the fourth season of the series “Sex and the City”, he played a small role attorney Jeffrey Coho in the TV series “Boston Legal.”
Craig Bierko continued to work hard, preparing with great zeal to the subsequent pictures.
“Louder than Words”
In 2013 saw the release of Anthony Fabian “louder than words”, telling about parents with smart, obedient, kind and full of love to the world of a daughter, and who suddenly died of an incurable disease.
The main role belonged to the actors: Adelaide Kane, David Duchovny, Scott Cohen, Timothy Hutton, Craig Bierko. Work Anthony Fabian is not ideal with a cinematic point of view – it was not a conflict, a comprehensive analysis, unexpected plot twists and intrigue. However, the picture is from a human point of view very well. The film showed the history of the family that has found an opportunity to capture the best of what was in their early bygone child …
In the same year, the director and screenwriter Alan Harmon Michael Marcus film “If I had the wings” were invited to the title role of Craig Bierko in partnership with Richard Harmon and Jaren Brandt Bartlett.
Cleverness Craig Bierko was illuminated in the series in 2015, “is unrealistic.” The set of the actor shared with Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmerr. Directed by Uta Brizvitts, Lev L. Spiro, Peter O’Fallon, …
In 2004, Craig Bierko voiced one of the cartoon characters’ hair stand on end. ” Craig Bierko was involved in writing the script for the series in 2011 «Suite».
Personal life
Life actor as complicated and confusing as its creative. Craig Bierko was admirer of actresses like Charlize Theron, Gretchen Mol. Since he last starred together in the movie “The Thirteenth Floor”, and then – Janeane Garofalo and Meg Ryan.
Interesting Facts
The role of Chandler Bing in the comedy series “Friends” was originally intended to Craig Bierko, but the actor refused the role, and then it was transferred to Matthew Perry.
In 2007, Craig Bierko has been nominated for the Prize of the Guild of actors:. The best cast of the drama series “Boston Legal”

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