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Coyote is a carnivorous mammal of the canine. This type is also called meadow wolf. The name “Coyote” from the Aztec language is translated as “divine dog”, from the Latin – “a dog barking.” In total there are about 19 subspecies of coyote.
Coyote is one of those animals, which man constantly sought to destroy, but to no avail. It was he, unlike most predators, able to adapt to the gradual disappearance of the natural world. A clear proof of the ability to survive in the harsh conditions of the coyote are the facts – if previously this type can be seen only in the western part of North America, and now this animal is almost populated the entire continent. For example, U.S. their number reaches a million individuals.
The size of this predator is much inferior to the wolf, the coyote’s body length ranges from 75 to 100 cm, its minimum weight is 11 kg, while the maximum -.. 34 kg. On average, the weight of an ordinary coyote – 13-20 kg. It is distinguished from the wolf stretched and acute form of the muzzle, in addition, the coyote long erect ears and a bushy tail. Colouring wool meadow wolf predominantly brown color, it may be present spots of black or gray color. Color wool in the belly of a predator is much lighter. By way of life and by their appearance is similar to the jackal coyote.
Meadow wolf dwells mostly on the open plains: in the desert or on the prairie – throughout North America. To date, coyotes have spread within the 49 US states out of 50, not counting Hawaii. A significant increase in the size of the predator due to the fact that during the last hundred years, people rapidly destroying the forest, thereby increasing the area of their distribution. It is also a positive impact on the number of animals and the destruction of conventional red wolf, which are their main food competitors.
Coyote easily adapts to the world around him, so common as in the deserts and prairies, and on the outskirts of major cities such as Los Angeles. The most active predator that manifests in the twilight time of day.
Coyote is undemanding in animal nutrition, it is omnivorous. But in spite of this about 90% of its diet of food of animal origin: marmots, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, rabbits, small rodents and rabbits. Also, coyotes can hunt raccoons, skunks, beavers, opossums, birds, etc. Well this predator is possible to swim and catch the animals that lives in water – frogs, fish and newts. For pet coyote attacks are very rare, it is more tend to follow the herds of large animals, catching those who are weak and sick. In the summer time the predator food diet is more varied, since it contains peanuts, berries, etc.
The basic social structure of a given species of animal – a pair of female and male. Living in a pack of coyotes primarily, but among them are also found and singles. flocks of Education shows a decline in the number of small rodents and the need to hunt for larger prey, as well as a large number of coyotes in the area.
Coyote is a faithful animal, pairs, if formed, then for many years. predators Mating takes place in the winter time, in January or February. The average pregnancy lasts 60 days, the brood appears to 19 pups. Their birth takes place in an enclosed area, often in a cave or in a hollow of a fallen tree. Coyotes are very cherish their young, so they have a replacement dwelling, in which in case of danger, they carry her brood. Both parents are equally uchuvstvuyut in family concerns. After calving the first time food produces only male, the female at this time does not leave the den. By the fall of the cubs grow up and go away, but often young females remain in the pack. Life expectancy coyote – up to 10 years in the wild and about 16 years in captivity.

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