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Courteney Cox – American actress, star of the television series “Friends” and the thriller “Scream.” Nominated for the prize “Golden Globe” for the female lead in the TV series “Cougar Town.”
She was born June 15, 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the fourth child in a family of prosperous businessman and housewife. However, cloudless childhood did not last long. When Courtney was 10 years old, her parents divorced. Mom and Dad got other families and new children (of the actress nine half-brothers and sisters). “I became an adult soon. Our family had little money, so I had to start to work in 13 years. I learned to take care of itself, “- says Cox. In high school she played drums, playing tennis, swimming, and then entered the University of Vernon in Washington at the Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design. After studying for a year, she realized that this profession is not for her. To the family’s surprise, she moved to New York to start her modeling career. Most of the friends were skeptical about Courtney dreams, believing that it is growing at 165 cm is unlikely to achieve something, in spite of the spectacular appearance and beautiful blue eyes, but Cox came through. First stepfather’s nephew gave her assistant in the office. In the new work, she met with a music agent who has given her a lot of practical advice. Soon she took a modeling agency “Ford”. She began to appear on the covers of magazines and in television commercials (Coke – the first who used the word “menstruation” on American TV in tampons advertising). At the same time she attended acting classes and got rid of the southern accent. Soon, Courtney decided to try his luck and went to a casting for Brian De Palma, who was looking for a heroine for a clip of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”. Master chosen Woman of the 350 contenders. The clip became popular, and the Coke asserted itself in the world of cinema. After she appeared in several minor television series ( “As the World Turns,” “The Love Boat”), she was offered the role of Lauren Miller in the popular TV series “Family Ties” (1982-1987). The actress played the heroine in 7 seasons of the sitcom and became known throughout the country. With 23 years she received the first role in the movie “Lord of the Universe” (1987), “Twisted Down” (1987), “Cocoon 2: The Return” (1988), then about six years playing maloprimetnyh paintings. One of the most famous works Courtney was the role of the press-secretary of the football club in the Jim Carrey comedy “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” (1993). A year later, 30-year-old actress was waiting for a real triumph. She was cast in the television series “Friends”, and it adopted the role of Monica Geller (although she auditioned for Rachel Green). The project was ten seasons and won the glory of the greatest television series in US television history. Cox and her five friends (they were friends, not only on the screen) have become a global superstar. Courtney even entered the Guinness Book of Records as the highest paid actress (in one episode last season she was paid $ 1 million). Simultaneously with the work in the “friends”, she played the energetic TV reporter in the thriller “Scream” (1996), “Scream 2” (1997) and “Scream 3” (1999), “Scream 4” (2011). One of the most notable works Cox after “Friends” -psihodrama “November” (2004), where she played the heroine, is experiencing the death of a friend, and the role of young women hungry for sex in the series “Cougar Town” (2009).
Cox was married to actor David Arquette for 12 years and bore him a daughter, Coco Riley. In June 2012, the couple filed for divorce.

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