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Counter-Strike Online: a new competitor CS 1.6?
Counter-Strike, the story of this game is relatively young, this game has existed since 1999, and is currently very popular. Over, versions of Counter-Strike too much, the main of which Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source, CS Promod. But very very popular with CS 1.6. Why are so many versions of it. Valve Company, after the Counter-Strike 1.6 release saw how it became popular and decided to further improve it, but after the release and Condition Zero and Source, the popularity of these games has not increased, and CS 1.6 remained more popular. But Valve does not give up. And in 2007, a new game called CS Promod. The truth is now the game is not so much updated. Currently available 3 beta version of the development and, until that last long. And here again valve I decided not to give up. Already in August 2008, together with the company Nexon is a new contra called Counter-Strike Online.
Counter-Strike Online: a new era?
Counter-Strike Online – it’s somewhere between Source and 1.6, with it’s closer to 1.6. This game is not such a new era. Why? This game was created for the Asian players, namely for countries such as Taiwan, Japan, China, etc. The game is clearly in Chinese. Installing Online Counter-Strike is different from a regular installation. Now you have to register an account. Thank God for free, but it is not clear, and may be in charge soon be. Download Online Counter-Strike can be anyone, we should only have access to the Internet. Of course, after a game of Counter-Strike Online, we can say that this is not the Source, the game interesting, and very similar to Counter-Strike 1.6, however, there are some changes. Firstly, the game had the first deathmatch map, a small map with a lot of obstacles. There are new players in the model. Five on each team. Added new weapon. Weapon models become more realistic. Otherwise, everything remains the same. Send in words what a game is difficult, you should try to play it, the more it is available for download. Well, most probably, an interesting question, whether to replace the Online CS 1.6 will be able to? Here you can just say – no, since the game is designed for the Asian countries, and even promised to be translated into Russian, but still, the game is designed for Asian players. Therefore, the East will be the popular game Counter-Strike Online, well, we will have popular Counter-Strike 1.6.

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