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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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The fate of many of the games appearing today deserves only regret. Projects initially promising us unprecedented miracles, eventually grows moss and mold, turning into a typical “protracted”, from which rarely wait for something good. There is no need to think out loud and beautiful introductory words, for the banality indeed are often stronger than any frills. The history of this game deserves to remove hats and shed a few avaricious man’s tears. First announced in May 2001, Condition Zero managed to change the five development teams (by Barking Dog Studios, the original mod CS authors, she quickly came under the wing Rogue Entertainment, and then – to Gearbox Software, then I got into a Ritual Entertainment paws and finally settled at Turtle Rock Studios). And so many times postponed her appearance, even to write scary. The idea is that release should take place in the autumn of 2002! In short, we are facing one of the coolest and heavy long-term construction in recent years. Recommendation extremely doubtful, but deserved.
System requirements
Pentium III 700 MHz
128 MB of memory
3D-accelerator with 16 MB of memory
500 MB on the hard drive
Pentium III / Athlon 1 GHz
256 MB of memory
3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory
500 MB on the hard drive
Rules of war
I do not like to write about simple and clear, but it is necessary. It is possible that in the world there are people who never played the original Counter-Strike. So, there are two teams – the terrorists and operatives – and several game modes. The release of the hostages, to prevent bomb, support and protection of “very important person” … Stop, stop. I confess, beloved by many helpless escort “AIAI”, as well as the much more controversial, “the Escape” ignominiously sunk into oblivion. From now on, all the available entertainment reduced to the hostages and bombs, bombs and hostages – so that after a few hours you start to yawn and go through some sites on autopilot. In order to save the prisoners, the player will have access to an improvised prison, poked in the nose of each of them and with the song run on a special platform. Those who are given the recipe seemed too complicated, can, especially not philosophising, kill all the villains – the authorities do not care. With the bomb is much more fun. On the map there are several points where the cunning terrorists must install deadly TNT charge. Our task either prevent this, again, destroying all nesluhov, or if the “infernal machine” is already ticking urgently defuse it. A few straightforward, but overall very nice.
The game is played in rounds. To win, you need to secure a difference in at least two points and to perform special tasks, noted in a press briefing. Shoot the two enemies of the shotgun (pistol, sniper rifle, machine and so on. D.), Lead the hostages to the «extraction point» before our colleagues will kill the poor bandyukov, to kill someone with a knife and live up to the end of the round … How you see the complexity of the additional assignments varies considerably and depends on the overall level of complexity. Members will not be frightened by excessive demands, and veterans of the fight against virtual terrorists get a decent test – some “pirouettes” forced to work hard for any player, regardless of length.
Adventure conditionally divided into six chapters three cards each (it is not difficult to calculate that only 18 cards Condition Zero). After passing a series of three missions opens the next chapter, and is credited to our account conditional points that can be spent on the purchase of new fighters. Yes, the “heroic poem” begins with a set of commands. Why “heroic”? The fact that the notorious Western political correctness was stronger than common sense – only permitted to play as Counter-Terrorists; the role of the infernal minions of evil entirely relegated to the computer. The mercenaries are distinguished by the parameters “combat skills” (ie, how smartly they handle weapons), “Cooperation” (the higher the value, the more likely it is that the companions did not ignore orders) and abstract “courage” (exactly how does it work feature nature, I can not judge, but I suspect that it indirectly affects the two previous ones). The steeper the soldiers, the more expensive it is; always possible to buy a “super” or beam untried recruits. However, the possibility of a purely theoretical, in the normal and high level of complexity of the newcomers bring to the “one”. My advice – take not quantity but quality. Do not make a mistake.
Basic cooking behind, left to buy guns and ammunition, to get hold of useful bonuses in the economy and boldly step on the curve path of war. For those who just yesterday climbed out of the tank, said that the game is money. For the destruction of the terrorists, rescue hostages and other feats of arms, we obtain a certain amount, which subsequently spend in the respective shop. Powerful “trunks”, cartridges to them, grenades, body armor, night vision devices – as it turned out, special forces pay for everything out of pocket.
Needless weapon by the standards of tactical shooters with the standard. I remember, in a press release flashed phrases about an unprecedented level of realism, but I personally did not notice anything unusual. Giving away, dispel, “sprawling” during walking and running sight; followers Robin Hood recommend shooting only single and every time to squat on one knee – just as the accuracy increases to a decent level. After reloading cartridges left in the store, do not disappear, the walls and doors do not make their way through (in this regard Raven Shield out of competition), for wounds and contusions hands did not tremble. A big plus – «headshots», they have not taken away. Even if the gun has remained a couple rounds, I hope to get out of the battle victorious dies.
You have not forgotten that Counter-Strike – a team game? So, to control subordinates provided branchy system orders. Probably to play with people a set of three dozen phrases can be very useful (suddenly someone broke headset or just got a voice?), But the management computer blockheads because it turns into a living hell. Those who understand the profound metaphysical difference between the orders of «cover me» and «follow me», immediately assigned to the Order of Lenin and the extraordinary military rank. Even in the half-arcade Freedom Fighters (not to mention the Ghost Recon and almost reference Raven Shield) personnel management was much more convenient.
But AI turned out to be not as bad as I expected. Boots worn by the level of fun, jump through windows, ambushes in remote places, and generally try to pretend that nothing they do not puppets, but real teenagers from a nearby computer club. Terrorists regularly on guard hostage, and towards the end of the match begin patrolling the saving boxes, to which we have to bring civil herd. Snipers took not the most unfortunate position for firing-ground attack brothers do not disdain to use smoke and blinding grenades (did not expect such a hurried from some sort of “robots”, I did a couple of times coming under friendly «flashbang») – bustling and no scripts! The inevitable bouts of insanity on the part of AI perceived as a personal insult. If he mecheshsya on the map at this time – do not worry, but when, falling for a cause in the first minutes of the game, you become a spectator, the nerves can not stand. Almost the last aspiring villain has set the same bomb, and our vigorous “kontrovets” rides a goat, without trying to reach the right place and all been cleared. Nightmare. However, such behavior – the exception rather than the rule. Not once, not twice my virtual colleagues promptly cut the required entries.
The long-awaited horror
The role of the lack of agreed to execute the schedule. Remember, in which he released Half-Life, and the problem will manifest itself in all ugliness – small “lift” and enhanced models can not hide the age of the engine. The special effects are weak, the general awkwardness and muddy textures and hurt the eyes, and the pathological craving level designers to highly parallel and perpendicular to the surface looks too old-fashioned. Animation sometimes good, sometimes frankly conditional. That which only yesterday we actually did not pay attention, today was terrible anachronism. Pleasant emotions is perhaps the only talkativeness of our partners. Although, given the specificity of “singles”, could be diluted purely informative messages “brand” jokes. Still, Counter-Strike is hopelessly far from serious simulation of special forces, so that the light liberty would have been very handy.
Sami card certainly will seem familiar to seasoned players. Some ( «Dust», «Aztec», «Italy») taken in almost pristine condition, others, like the «Militia», were substantially revised – for the better or the other way around, let them decide for Counter-Strike fans. New items have and, judging by the first, superficial impression, they fit perfectly into the already formed gaming concept. Especially memorable «Stadium». Even without knowing that this level is not included in the original package, you will definitely pay attention to it.
Strains some monotony of the gameplay. Playing live in the company, you can not see anything, but jumping over bumps race with epileptic bots, you realize very quickly that every time are using the same techniques jammed into holes. Fearless boats themselves are fleeing the attack, and the player often is attached to only one of the groups, without touching detachment keys. Conditionality process regularly is associated with ugly FBI Hostage Rescue. Take, for example, one of the most popular extra tasks – rescue the hostages. As a hint to remind you that after the destruction of the terrorists round automatically ends. Conclusion – cherish precious terrorists, grooming them, cherish and hope that nimble companions do not shoot the last of Herod, while we, fighting the impending panic conducting chain rescued captives to the finish line.
As an optional makeweight us to offer a real “treshak”, acting under the pseudonym Counter-Strike Deleted Scenes. Yes, we have in mind those “scenes”, with which our dear pirates one month regaled ill-informed citizens. One look at it enough, so to fully understand the feelings of Vivendi managers, who decided that the release of the product «as is» irreparable damage to both brand Counter-Strike (it may well come in handy after the release of Half-Life 2), and its own reputation. Ultimately, “the original” story about a downed helicopter with commandos, horrible level design, arcade gameplay, reminiscent of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down in style, but decidedly does not reach the quality of execution … first time seeing evil “mujahideen” who with scimitars over their heads chasing the protagonist of the ruins on the Middle East, I almost fell off the chair. If it was a joke, it is undoubtedly a success. If it is serious, I do not have a decent comments – with such games, we have not exactly need an enema.
Large zero
There is no point cursing angrily shaking their fists. The train left a long time ago. The original Counter-Strike was born in the autumn of 2000; with this happy and momentous moment has flowed so much water that it is more than enough for two of the Amazon, and still a little bit left on the Neva. The game is outdated. If it appeared in 2002, as originally planned, the final verdict is likely to have been positive, but today … In a word, “only for the fans.” Although they seem to be quite enough of the free version.

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