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Counter-Strike 1.6

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Counter-Strike – perhaps one of the most popular games in the last fifteen years. The game literally penetrated into the minds of the players of all generations without exception. But what is the secret of such wild popularity? The answer is simple, Counter Strike – is a shooter that stands out for its dynamic and super-duper exciting storyline. The plot is fairly simple, but very entertaining – the players are divided into two teams fighting: Special Forces and terrorists, where each has its own arsenal of weapons and perform certain missions.
Task Command Special Forces and terrorists in the CS 1.6
The basic SWAT team tasks include the release of hostages, who are being held at the base of the terrorists, or defuse the bomb. Tasks performed depending of type of space combat, but rather the type of card on which the battles take place. For example, the maps with the prefix «de_» – special forces neutralize terrorists set explosives. The maps with the prefix «cs_» – police team needs to rescue hostages from the lair of the bandits. But there is another type of card is not received special populryanosti – «as_», where the Special Forces accompanied by undercover VIP guests to a certain area of salvation. Task terrorists – a diversionary activities, mining buildings and hostage-taking, as well as the complete destruction of SWAT teams. The team wins the round receives a cash reward, which can spend on buying new weapons, equipment and grenades.
Characters in the game Counter-Strike 1.6
As I mentioned earlier – the game CS 1.6 is a team shooter, as the gameplay is divided into confrontation between the two teams. Each team plays the creators came up with several types of characters that differ from each other. And it’s not without reason, as the action takes place on a variety of maps, now playing at the «de_dust2» in the sand, and the next round might have to spend on snow «de_survivor». And here is perfect model in winter camouflage fatigues.
Playing for a team of terrorists can choose the following characters:
«Phoenix Faction» – fighter of terrorists from Eastern Europe
«Elite Crew» – fighter of terrorists from the Middle East
«Arctic Avengers» – fighter terrorist group from Sweden
«Guerilla Warfare» – fighter commando group from Spain
Playing for SWAT team can choose the following characters:
«Seal Team 6″ – a group of soldiers from the US anti-terrorism
«GSG-9″ – the soldiers of the anti-terrorist unit of Germany
«Special Air Service (SAS)» – soldiers sabotage and reconnaissance group from England
«GIGN» – a soldier of an elite squad rapid response from France
System requirements for the Counter-Strike 1.6 game
You can pay tribute to the developers to “counter”, but they have created a game that is completely undemanding to PC system resources. After all, to play counter-strike is not needed to cool computer graphics and powerful processor. But of course not to be saving monitor, cs 1.6 requires constant attention.
Optimal system requirements:
Processor 500 MHz
Windows Operating System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
RAM 128 MB
Video card at least 64 Mb
Mouse, keyboard, sound card, Internet
How to play CS 1.6 online?
To start playing cs servers on the Internet will need a reliable game client download CS 1.6, you can directly from our site free of charge and without registration. Once you have downloaded the build of the game, run the installer file and follow the installation wizard. At the end you will be prompted to run the game.
Immediately go to the settings and create a nickname itself, and then click during the menu “Search Server” and go to the tab “Internet”, where you are presented with a huge range of servers for every taste. You can fight with a zombie or to hone shooting technique on CSDM servers, and may want to learn to jump, then go ahead to the HNS servers, Kreedz, Jump, DeathRun. That’s it, good game!

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