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Cord 810/812

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The release of these magnificent American machines were discontinued a long time ago, so this is an extremely rare car, c81.0 but you could see it in the movie “the Shadow.”
More details features Cord 810/812 will be discussed below, but it should be said immediately that the model 812 is different from the 810-th, first and foremost, the presence of the compressor. Buy Cord 810/812 in the 30s could not many: in 1937 for the atmospheric machine asked 2 to$ 200, and the compression Cord 812c81.2 sold 2 for 600$. Then, as already for 500$ you could buy a brand new Ford V8. KORD is an expensive luxury, which in addition to the charge motor was equipped with more and front-wheel drive, but then it was a real novelty.
Despite all the charm of the car from Cord, the 810-812 and th-th model has not received wide distribution: from 1935 till the 37th was sold 1174 machine 810-th model and 1146 — 812-Oh. KORD was not very reliable and many of those who could afford such a car, refused it, but even so, Cord 812, without exaggeration, be called one of the most striking pre-war cars of America. Though the history of this brand and ended, glad that it happened on such a stunning car, lifting up the name of the Cord to the Zenith of automotive fame.
Overlooked today Cord was produced as sedan, Faeton,c81.3 coupe and Roadster. The most charismatic look that is the two-door cars, especially in the compressor performance, when of the side walls of the engine compartment come out of the pipe of the exhaust system. Looking at the photos of the Cord 812 you can’t help but notice that the lights of this American car hiding in the wings, and it’s in the 30s! Another “trick” lies in the horizontal lines that went from one door to another — look at the pictures. Cord is unique due to the fact that his body was integral, and in those years there were not often think of extravagant Lincoln Zephir, the body of which was also carrying. So when the length of the Roadster in 4801 mm, wheelbase is 3115 mm and kerb weight is 1 730 kg.
The salon of this gorgeous American woman s82.1 leather trimmed and the front panel as the door could be wood paneling. It is interesting that in order to get the spare, the Roadster didn’t need to open the trunk — you need to fold the seatback of the driver’s seat, there is hidden a spare tire. As an option, the buyer of KORD could retrofit your car radio and tachometer. It should also be noted that the steering model 810/812 very sharp — 3.2 turnover.
Technical Characteristics Of Cord 810/812
The naturally-aspirated V8 in the diameter of each of the cylinders of 88.9 mm and the stroke of the piston in 95.25 mm, has a volume of 4 739 cubes. The American “eight” is powered by a triple-Stromberg carb, and compression ratio 6.5:1 produces 125 HP of power. The atmospheric compartment is gaining 100 km per hour for 20 and is able to develop on the highway 145km per hour. It should be noted that the gear ratio of a pair of the Cord is 4.3:1, and for changing speeds meets the revolutionary, four sarsota, semi-automatic transmission, — as time has shown she was not too reliable.
Schwitzer compressor increases the capacity of 812-th model up to 190 HP for those years is a very significant indicator. The maximum speed of the compressor Korda stated as 177 km and 100 km behind the wheel of this retro car you can get for 13 C.
On both axes of the Cord drum brakes are installed, what they were equipped with a vacuum booster, which in that time was a chic, and rear independent suspension this rare American beauty.
Cord 812 can not be called a successful commercial project, and this is clearly not the most reliable car of its age but it is beautiful, technologically advanced and fast, and some motorists that is what I appreciate in a car.

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