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The film actor, model and simply handsome Colton Haynes is one of the most talked about celebrities in Hollywood. He is well known to TV viewers by roles in the television series “Strela” and “Wolf”. In his acting arsenal, a lot of bright images – from a fearless hero to a werewolf. In the personal life of Colton Haynes, there are many varieties and vivid events that will interest all connoisseurs of his outstanding talent.
colton haines personal life

Free views of the Hayes family
Colton was born on July 13, 1988 in Andale, Kansas, in a family of non-formals. His parents identified themselves with the hippies and brought up six children. The noisy freedom-loving family lived on the farm and from time to time set off on a full and long journey. As a child, the future actor was able to see the beauty of the whole country, lived in different states and changed many schools.
The creative path began at the age of 15. The teenager took part in a prominent photo shoot as a model. Thanks to his attractive appearance and artistry, the young man begins to receive profitable offers from fashion magazines and popular brands. For some time he fruitfully collaborated with several of them.

Debut and career on television
The connection to work on television began with episodic and secondary roles. In 2007, Haynes noted in the blockbuster “Transformers” and took part in the selection for filming in “Twilight”. However, in the latter role he does not get. Next year, he receives a supporting role in the television series “Dead on Demand” and “Spoiled,” and in 2009 appears in the movie “Always and Forever.”
In the same year, his candidacy was approved for the role of Shane in the series “Look”, and in 2010 he becomes known for his role as a werewolf athlete. It was in this image that he appeared in the youth series “Wolf” in 2011. A year later, in 2012, the actor leaves the project at the beginning of the third season.
In 2015, he celebrated his participation in the film-catastrophe “The Rift of San Andreas” and repeatedly appeared in music videos of popular performers.

Filmography of the movie star:
2007 the film “Transformers”, the series “C.S.I .: Crime Scene Miami”;
2008 series “Dead on Demand”, “Spoiled”;
2009 series “Melrose Place”, the film “Always and Forever”;
2010 series “Vzglyad”, “The Gate”;
2011 series “The Nine Lives of Chloe King”;
2011-2012 series “The Wolf”;
2013-2016 series “Strela”;
2015 film-catastrophe “The Rift of San Andreas”;
2016 series “Queen of Scream”, the film “Triumph”

Sympathy and the personal life of the actor
Colton Haynes does not cease to amaze with his contradictions. There is information about his novels with women, for example, with the participant of the popular TV show Lauren Conrad. However, both insistently argued that they are good old friends. Appearing in public with actress Lucy Hale, Haynes gave cause for new piquant versions, however, they turned out to be fiction.
Widely known is the story of his tender friendship with his colleague on the series “Wolf” Holland Rodin. Colton Haynes and his girlfriend were discussed for a long time. However, the public did not come to any conclusion. Despite the numerous proofs of their novel, the actors for a long time made no statements about the nature of these relations.
His numerous joint pictures, where they can be seen embracing and holding hands, stars of the popular series commented as a manifestation of a special friendship. “We can hold hands simply because we feel special feelings for each other like those that arise between a brother and a sister,” Colton Haynes told reporters. The personal life of the actor in this context has become even more exciting to others.
Pretty soon everything fell into place. Haynes officially announced his non-traditional orientation in an interview on May 5, 2016. Thus, he finally convinced the general public in the absence of interest in the female sex. After a long hesitation, he made a cumming-out and admitted that he felt like gay at the age of 14. Couple Colton Haynes and Holland Rodin was nothing more than a media fiction.

Assumptions that Colton Haines are blue, appeared as early as 2013. Then he was seen at the airport holding his partner’s hand on the TV series “Arrow” by John Barroumen. This actor in his turn long ago announced to the whole world about his “azure” orientation.

In the biography of the movie star there is a shocking episode. It is known that his father put his hands on himself. The man took a large dose of pills, learning that his son, Colton Haynes, was gay. Nevertheless, the latter was not completely heartbroken, because his father left the family a long time ago and all these years did not communicate with him.

Curious fact: the elder brother of a celebrity is also an open gay. He has a spouse and a foster daughter. In Instagram, you can see their family photo, which beside them imprinted and Colton.

Today, the actor is not alone. His chosen one was Jeff Litam, a Hollywood designer and florist.

Quite recently, Colton Haynes and his boyfriend got engaged. Litam offered Kolton his hand and heart during their joint trip to Mexico. Most recently, on March 11 this year, there was also their solemn engagement. Thanks to the refined taste of Jeff, this event happened in a romantic atmosphere. Candles, one of the best songs Cher and heart from the petals of roses in the moonlight expected the lovers on the roof of the skyscraper.
The final was a diamond ring and a bright firework display. Colton could not say no. Videos and photos of these events the guys posted on the web and shared the details of the most memorable day of their lives. Now the couple does not hide close relationships and openly expresses their feelings for each other. Recently, Colton Haynes and his boyfriend appeared together at the annual Oscar Awards.

In connection with such events in the personal life of Colton Haines, fans of the Hollywood celebrity should moderate their ardor. Now he is officially not free. However, soon he will please them in a new bright way in the comedy project “Shake the body”, where he will appear in the main role. The film is scheduled for release in June this year.

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