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Coconut tree – plant of the family Palm (arekovoy); the only species in the genus Cocos. Coco – one of the few plants whose scientific name I do not go back to the Greek roots. It derives from the Portuguese coco – «monkey» and given due spots on nuts, which make him look like a monkey’s face.
Coconut – a drupe, 15-30 cm long, rather rounded, weighing 1.5-2.5 kg. The outer shell of the fruit (ekzokarp) permeated fibers (coir); internal (endocarp) – solid “shell”, with 3 pores, leading to 3 ovules, of which only one develops into the seed. Fleshy seed consists of a white surface layer about 12 mm thick (or copra pulp) and endosperm. Endosperm, first liquid and transparent (coconut water), with the advent of the oil droplets in it allocated copra, gradually turns into a milky emulsion (coconut milk), then thickens and hardens.
Fresh coconut pulp is used to prepare many dishes and delicacies, and of dried copra – get the coconut oil, the remaining cake is fed to livestock, and of fibers surrounding the nut – coir make cordage, ropes, mats, carpets, brushes (calorizator ). Solid coconut shell is used for a variety of craft projects – tableware, buttons, toys, souvenirs, and even musical instruments.
Mature endosperm (pulp) contains oils, minerals and vitamins; it is eaten raw or dried, then adding in confectionery and curry. Copra is also a valuable raw material for coconut oil fatty going for the manufacture of soap, candles and margarine. Copra traditionally produced, laying chopped coconuts on the sunlit ground to dry. After a while copra dried up separated and pulverized and then into chips. The remaining cake goes to feed livestock.
Calories coconut is 354 kcal per 100 grams of product.
The composition and properties useful coconut
Coconut has medicinal and healing properties, a good remedy for diseases such as diarrhea. Vitamins B and C, as well as the human body required mineral salts, sodium, calcium, iron, potassium, and up to 5% glucose, fructose and sucrose.
Contraindications to coconuts is not revealed.
Coconut in cooking
In cooking, use whole coconut, coconut milk, chips and juice (kalorizator). It is often used for decoration of food products, in the production of liqueurs and wines, as a seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes.

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