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In today’s world any person, whether the President of America or a homeless first grader or a PhD, on the question what is Coca-Cola, will easily give the exact answer. It is difficult to find a person who would not be familiar with this logo: round white letters on a red background, forming the words, the truly sacred for most Americans — Coca-Cola.
how it all began:
May 1886, Atlanta. The South of the country is still licking his wounds, painfully reliving his defeat in the Civil war; people seek solace in fundamentalist religion and proprietary medicines. Universal tools, advertised as “the cure for all diseases”, was imported from the Northern States. As a rule, they were a alcoholic tincture, and southerners just at the moment launched an active campaign for a healthy lifestyle that includes a relentless struggle with alcoholism. Therefore, their pharmacists have already started to replace alcohol with another ingredient, is considered safe, non-harmful and “morally pure.” The ingredient was… cocaine.
Local pharmacist John Stitu Pemberton had under pressure of activists of the abstainers to change the recipe of a drink called “French wine Coca — ideal tonic to stimulate the functioning of the brain”, and eliminate the alcohol, replacing it with a substance giving not less toning effect. The substance he found in the Kola nut, a stimulant imported slaves from Africa. Slaves were told that Cola hangover headache “as a hand” shoots. Pemberton mixed Kola nut extract with Coca drink for the first time combining these two powerful stimulant. The resulting liquid was indeed a powerful tonic. That’s just the taste of the drink was disgusting, and the gray-bearded Pemberton was forced to spend a lot more time of hard work, endlessly kompanuya various oils, herbs and extracts. The unpleasant taste of the new psychotropic drugs were needed to suppress, and succeeded.
Then Coca-Cola was not yet carbonated.
The liquid was a thick, sweet syrup brown bottles of beer.
Pemberton has set a new drink in pharmacies of the city of Atlanta, and the owners of the pharmacies were selling the bottles for 25 cents each, or in bulk, in the latter case, they were diluting the drink with water to make it easier to swallow.
“Non-alcoholic tonic drink” began to be some demand as a refreshing, invigorating lemonade and as a hangover remedy for those southerners who have not yet succumbed to the hysteria of soundness, the raging.
That summer in the Jacobs pharmacy, where they sold Coca-Cola, the event occurred, the effects of bordering earthquake. One of the buyers was suffering from a severe hangover. He bought a bottle of syrup, “Coca-Cola” and asked Willie Venable, bottled soda, open the bottle and dilute the syrup with water. Venable didn’t want to go to the other end of the room to the water tap and asked the visitor if he would mind if he diluted drink soda instead of plain water. The visitor didn’t care, he was tormented by headache. He drank fizzy Coke, diluted soda, and suddenly exclaimed:
Hey, that’s — Yes! Great! This is much better than with tap water!
These words instantly spread through Atlanta, and they all began to drink just so, and soda.
In the same summer in Atlanta enacted prohibition: from now on alcoholic drinks was forbidden officially. Sales of Coke increased from 25 gallons to 1049 gallons for the year, mainly due to concerns of partner and sponsor of Pemberton, Frank Robinson gave the name Coca Cola and designed the logo used today. Robinson was a visionary entrepreneur and businessman. He had met with Pemberton in the sale of real estate. But, instead of real estate, Robinson became fascinated with producing and advertising the new drink of Pemberton, “the ideal brain stimulator”, which had, apparently, a huge commercial potential. Robinson went to work for Coca-Cola and remained faithful to her until the end, although other business owners changed several times. Robinson to retire almost thirty years served as the “Coca-Cola”.
In 1887, despite the copious consumption of life-giving drink, Pemberton weakened health. Moreover, “Coca-Cola” will not bring income, sufficient to have acquired financial independence, and Pemberton for a very modest amount of sold two-thirds of its shares to the Willis Venable, the same one who first lit the syrup and soda pop. The inventory drawn up by Pemberton at the time of resale business, gives us the key to carefully secret recipe for Coca-Cola, namely, oil of lemon, oil of lime (lime — a sort of small green lemons with a bitter taste and a strong flavor), oil of nutmeg, extract of musk, extract of Coca leaves, vanilla, citrus acid, orange elixir, oil of neroli (from the flowers of orange tree) and caffeine.
Pemberton died in poverty August 16, 1888 and was buried in the cemetery for the poor, and only 70 years later, the founder of the company “Coca-Cola” has put a stone headstone.
After some time in Atlanta appeared a poor immigrant from Ireland, Asa Candler (Asa G. Candler). In his pockets were only 1 dollar and 75 cents, but he firmly believed that he will be lucky in the new place. Possessing exceptional commercial talent in a short time he really earned a little capital acquired the recipe for Coca-Cola from the widow of Pemberton for 2300 American dollars (at that time it was a lot of money). Along with his brother and two other companions, he founded in the state of Georgia “The Coca-Cola Company” with an initial capital of 100 thousand dollars. And if Pemberton was the father of a drink, Asa Candler became the father of the Coca-Cola company, registering it on 31 Jan 1893. The trademark “Coca-Cola,” used since 1886, was registered officially in the US on 31 January 1893. In the same year, was paid the first dividend on shares of the Company ($20 per share). Since then, every year the company consistently paid dividends to its shareholders.
First daily drink bought at an average of only 9 people.
Sales revenue in the first year amounted to only 50 dollars, while invested was 70. But gradually, the popularity of Coca-Cola increased, and profits from its sale too.
The popularity came to drink in 1902. In this year the company’s turnover reached 120 thousand dollars, and the very Coca-Cola has become the most famous soft drink in the USA.
In 1903, Coca-Cola quietly moved on to a new recipe with the use of the Coca leaf, from which cocaine is extracted. (The firm continues to use “neutralized” Coca leaves. Their supplies chemical company of new Jersey, the only legal factory for the processing of medical cocaine in the United States.)
Significant for Coca-Cola became, in 1915, to market the drink comes in a new bottle. Designer Terry Otomi from the state of Indiana had invented a new bottle of 6.5 oz.
Subsequently, it sold more than 6 billion bottles of the drink.
A little later, Coca-Cola obtained a patent for the shape of their bottles.
In 1919 the Coca-Cola company changes its owner – and it becomes banker in Atlanta, Ernest of Woodrow.
The sum of the deal amounted to $ 25 million.
A year later the drink appears in Europe, namely in France.
After four years at the helm of the company rose son Ernest Woodroffe.
Robert Woodrow became a legendary figure in the history of the development of the company.
But at the helm of the company he was the whole 60 years!
The arrival of the new “Manager” brings the changes in the company: there are common standards for creating, filling, and even placing drinks on the shelves.
Robert of Woodrow made the company such a Coca it is now.
By the way, Coca-Cola is associated with so many things in our lives that sometimes we don’t even think about it.
In 1933 appeared the first vending machines of Coca-Cola bottles.
Shops began to offer six-packs — packing of six bottles, successfully lived up to the new Millennium.
At the same time, the Coca-Cola company added yet another innovation — remote refrigerators, which were installed in any store.
Where a visitor could pick up a chilled bottle of your favorite drink.
Thus disappeared the last barrier between the consumer and the end product — the counter.
In 1931 held another momentous event in the history of Coca-Cola.
The company has commissioned American artist Haddon Sundblom design red and white suit of Santa Claus.
Before that, Santa Claus was dressed like in clothes of various colors and shades that looked not very fun.
The artist thought for a long time what face to draw Santa and… did your self-portrait.
So, for many years at Christmas looks kind and cheerful Santa Haddon.
Today, the company has already turned over 100 years since the founding. Drinks which are sold in 200 countries. Every day in the world sold more than 1 billion bottles of drinks this company.
But this colossal success the company has achieved not only due to the exceptional taste, but also due to very successful marketing moves, which is now written many books.

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