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Clownfish – large genus of Perciformes fish, known primarily as an aquarium fish. Their demand among aquarists is so great that their population is threatened. Therefore, biologists need to adjust catch fish for sale.
All of you will undoubtedly have seen clownfish. In the popular American animated film “Finding Nemo” clown fish is a main character. After this cartoon demand for these fish has soared. Despite the fact that Hollywood has long rental tape ended, still demand exceeds supply. Currently, bred in captivity, clown fish, only half meet the demand. The remaining half compensate fish caught in the wild.
Of course, the clown fish are very beautiful. Small aquarium fish which can boast of such a bright, memorable appearance. In addition, it is one of the few marine fish full life cycle can occur in captivity. Small aquarium facilities in the United States were the first who managed to get the fish fry. Gradually, their experience took over and other hobbyists.
In captivity, clown fish live on coral reefs in the thickets of sea anemones. They are not afraid of stinging cells of the tentacles of sea anemones, and use them as shelters. Finding a new anemone clown “lapped” to it, giving a little sting. Getting stinging blows, fish learns quickly develop a special mucus that coats her entire body and makes it insensitive to the poison anemones. After receiving immunity clown fish can safely “swim” in the tentacles of sea anemones, leaving them only rarely, to feed or walk. Such a process of close co-existence of several different species is called symbiosis, and clownfish with anemones – the most obvious example. Anemones protect fish from predators, fish and sea anemone clean of debris and dirt, ventilate the water among the tentacles.
Clownfish can live separately from actinium – clefts among underwater rocks or caves in the coral reefs. But this rarely happens, and only when the anemones and little is not enough for all the fish living there. Among the clowns pronounced sexual dimorphism. Females are larger, bold and aggressive. Males are also more phlegmatic. In a pack, it becomes female leaders. They choose the most comfortable place on the seabed, banishing from vending anemones smaller individuals. When all the seats missing, then there is complete idyll. If your favorite little anemones, then begin the fight for life and death. It is a struggle for territory and caused such a bright color. Masked by enemies clowns do not need (nobody will climb into the sea, “nettle”), but to warn his brothers and sisters, that this place is busy – it is necessary.
From birth, all individuals – males. Some become females. And the number of females is that the whole pack enough “maneuvers” for reproduction. If one of the female dies, the male takes her place, who changes sex. Thus, in a pack of fish is always a chance of procreation.
In nature, Clown fish live up to 10 years. But in captivity – twice as long. Although fish breeds in the conditions close to natural, in the aquarium is quite easy (for marine fish) get healthy offspring. For masonry courting male that behaves very carefully. He fans eggs fins, saturating it with oxygen. Missing eggs he catches his mouth and remove from the masonry. Sometimes the male and the female joins. Clown fish – monogamous. The family there are several years. Because they live in warm tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and it can reproduce all year round. The female is able to spawn up to 12-13 years.

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