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General information:
Full name: Cleveland (Cleveland)
State: Ohio
Established: 1796
Population (the surroundings): 2.3 million people..
Area: 213 sq km
A large city located in the northern part of the state is the center of the largest accumulations of cities in the state, called Great Cleveland and has no clearly defined boundaries. For general data conurbation Cleveland is 2.25 million. People, making it the largest urban education in Ohio.
The city was founded in 1796 Cleveland was named in honor of the founder – Moses Cleveland, a prominent politician, famous general and a veteran of the War of Independence. expedition led by him to establish a settlement in northeastern Ohio on the confluence of Lake Erie, the Cuyahoga River. Over time, the city was renamed Cleveland – There is a popular story that for the convenience of placing the name of the newspaper, the publisher of the very first city newspaper specially donated by one letter in the title.
Become a major industrial center of Cleveland helped favorable geographical location and well-developed rail links. Cleveland is rightly considered a city of millionaires. Already in the early 20th century Cleveland entered the top five most populated cities in the US. During the Great Depression came the decline of heavy industry, the city’s development as a whole. The crisis and the heavy automotive industry seriously affected region, with a population still continues to decline. The middle class and affluent residents are increasingly leaving to live in the suburbs. As a result, the city empties and experiencing the decline of infrastructure and a sharp reduction in jobs. Despite the fact that the downtown is successful and well-developed areas, many other areas of the city are still in a state of depression and decline.
The city’s attractions
Cleveland – a city in which coexists many distinctive regions having its own character. Each region reflects the historical, ethnic, cultural, architectural and ethnic diversity of the city. The central city square – the real heart of Cleveland. On the Public Square located interesting and attractive sights for tourists from around the world: a beautiful old church and the impressive size of the monument dedicated to the soldiers and sailors.
To the north of the central square is the administrative quarter Civic Center, where the building of City Hall City Hall. However, the Civic Center is best known for elegant landscaped parkland, covered with rich greenery.

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