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When he debuted as an actor in 1924 at the age of 23 years William Clark Gable was a young man with a tumultuous past with a great life experience. Born in Cadiz (Ohio) on February 1, 1901, Clark comes from a family of German origin. Both his father, Wilhelm Goebel (later William Gable) and his mother, Adeline Herschmann were emigrants landed in America, Germany, after the revolution in 1848. Little William Clark has the misfortune to lose his mother to seven months his coming into the world. Her place will be taken by the second wife of his father, under whose care he will spend his childhood warm, receiving a good education.
Set in the small town of Hopedale, family Gable will retire later at a farm near Akron, purchased by his father, where the teenager Clark will lead a free life, but hard, working hard on the farm parents. At age 17 decided to go to Akron where he planned the day to work in a rubber factory, the evening was to follow courses of medicine at the university in the city. Plans were to crumble when reaching in Akron, have to be present, just by chance at a play (bird of paradise). Ever since the day manages to obtain a figurehead role. Despite his passion for theater, can not lead a double life for a long time worker (Day) and actor (evening) so joins the family again, this time in Oklahoma, where his father had discovered an oil. He worked hard on Gusher, then having a lot of temporary jobs (supervisor yards, porter, telegraph, salesman ties), but nerenunţând theater. The basics of acting receives from Josephine Dillon, a former stage actress and drama teacher who took him under her care, sensing the former Clark’s possibilities. Encouraged by Josephine Dillon (who will become his wife), will try their luck on the famous Broadway, where he soon earns a reputation, bringing a new breath of true life, having nothing to do with the type of ham or gigolo that wearing at the time. Despite his face open, clear, sympathetic at first to be cast as the “bad boy”, for example, in the last mile track where he plays a murderer. But will perform with equal success in the years 1925-1930, and agreeable roles, as, for instance, the soldier of the gab, cheerful and virile, the price of glory, seducer of Love, honor and deception, alternating usually good heroes the wicked, in different parts, each time getting sanctimonious criticism. Get a first film role in The Painted Desert (1931) with William Boyd, he is doing so well that overshadows their partner, one of the stars of movie “Path”. The next film will be poured on the brink (Dance, Fools, Dance), film that will mark his final consecration and who will play for the first time, along with Joan Crawford, his ideal partner. Together they will perform 7 more films, each a great success: Laughing Sinners, Possessed, Dancing Lady, Chained, Forsaking All Others, Love on the Run, Strange Cargo. In 1934 he receives Oscar for her role in the wonderful film by Frank Capra It Happened One Night where aggressiveness roles until then vacate the gentle irony, humor and discreet fine. Then in 1939 – the great creation of his career, the role of Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind, and lasting victory still current. After a discreet connection with Loretta Young, with whom he has an illegitimate daughter (actress Judy Lewis), in 1939 he married Carole Lombard, the great love of his life, living happily alongside just three years. On January 16, 1942, returning from a tuneu fundraising to support allies, Carole Lombard died in a plane crash in which all passengers lost their lives, including his mother. Heartbroken, Clark Gable voluntarily enlists in the army, starting from the front in Europe. It follows a period of several years – practically to ending the war – they did not know anything about him, during which he would be given only for some heroic action (in aviation). Back from the war deeply marked by its horrors, and personal tragedy, yet resume their career in 1945, along with Greer Garson in an adventure film. Until 1960, the year of his death following a heart attack, performed a number of roles in movies resounding as Homecoming, Command Decision, To Please a Lady, Mogambo, Soldier of Fortune, Teacher’s Pet, Band of Angels, The Misfits. He was nicknamed “The King”. “He was king of an empire called Hollywood. This empire is no longer what it once was, but the king was deposed not even after death “(Joan Crawford). “This story is a silly king. I eat, drink and go to the toilet as any man. I’m just a lucky guy from Ohio who happened to be in the right place at the right time “(Clark Gable).

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