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Birthday: December 24, 1955
Place of birth: Moses Lake, Washington, USA
Citizenship: United States
He is always next to Steep Walker. He is as clever, strong, determined, smart. But, true to the classical tradition of American militants, always showing cops in the pair – white and black, the directors of the series prepared him for the role of a contrasting background for the protagonist. All of the above qualities are expressed in him still slightly less bright than that of Walker himself. The difference seems to be insignificant, but it is underlined. Up to the smallest detail. For example, if the main Texas ranger always wears a black hat, then he is white. This is the law of the genre. This quite happy-looking guy actually really made his way to his own well-being and cinema. Clarence was born in Moses Lake, Washington. His father in those years was a military man, served in the Air Force, was directly related to the Vietnam War. Earnings father was not bad, at least enough to ensure that Clarence’s mother was engaged only in the house and her six children.
It was the turn of the 60’s – 70’s. Clarence grew up under the noise of anti-war demonstrations, the agony of the hippy movement and the speech of the fighters for civil liberties. But most of all for young Clarence was made in those turbulent times the discovery: people do not care what color your skin is. Several times on the street, he was painfully wounded directed to the neighborhood where he lived, the definition of “ghetto”. A little later he realized that even despite his excellent grades at school, the choice of profession for him would be limited. Father comforted: “Nothing, Clarence. Everything will be arranged, in the end. The best thing for you, too, is to become a military pilot. There will be money. And then, when you’re under the clouds, everything that happens on earth looks somehow simpler. ” The father of Clarence has always been a kind person, trying to help friends and lovers slightly philosophize at their leisure. Not by accident, after leaving the army, he began to work in the California Rehabilitation Center, to look for work for the disabled.
Clarence Gillard listened to his father’s advice and became a student of the Air Force Academy. Mom already with pleasure represented her son in a beautiful uniform cap with a cockade. But in 1980, something happened to Clarence. One day he dropped everything and went to California to make an artistic career.
His life in those years was bustling and difficult. In the morning he worked as a waiter in a cafe, during the day he played plays in a small children’s theater. After that he ran to another bar, smuggled cocktails and pizza there, wiped the tables. In the evening, I rushed headlong into an adult theater, also small, where I played several roles. And on weekends he managed to take lessons in acting.
The question arises: did the salaries in the theaters lack the life of a lonely young man who was not accustomed to luxury? Not enough. Moreover, it almost did not exist, theatrical salary. Actors in these theaters and played, and traded cakes in intermissions, and washed the floors.
Once luck still turned to face Clarence. First, he was taken to a real children’s theater, that is, in a place where you just have to play and get money for it. Then he starred in a tiny role in one TV series. Then – in a larger role in another. And in the third, fifth … In the series “Duck Farm” he was a partner of Jim Carrey. Then came the turn and the big movie. Really great. These were the films “Top Gun” and “Die Hard”.
Once at a party, Clarence talked with Chuck Norris. Shortly thereafter, the role of the Texas ranger arrived.
Now Clarence Gillard himself is giving lessons in acting, very much. He is married, he has two children – son Paul and daughter Rachel. Mindful of the children’s experiences, he does a lot of charity work, is the honorary chairman of several children’s guardianship organizations. He likes to say: “You can always find time to bring a smile to the child’s face. It illuminates the world. “

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