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One of the coolest guys in the world, it is a household name, it is not just about the legends and tell jokes. Chuck Norris, because we are talking about it, died 20 years ago, Death just has not yet dared to tell him about etom.Predstavlyaete?
Carlos Ray Norris Jr. was born March 10, 1940 in the United States in a small town Ryan Oklahoma. My father was a mechanic, and a lover of drink, so the life of the family, where in addition to future stars of insurgents still two boys grew up, was impoverished. His parents divorced, his mother re-married. That’s stepfather, George Knight was replaced by Carlos boozer father and instilled an interest and love for the sport. In adolescence, young man moonlighting as a loader and wanted to become a police officer. In 1959 he went to South Korea to serve in the ranks of the Air Force. They say that there is Carlos Ray Chuck and changed its name to, having become acquainted with the culture and religion of the East, began studying martial arts and so successful in this that he received a black belt in judo.
After the army Chuck Norris decided to settle in Los Angeles and opened a karate school network. He really has made tremendous strides in the sport, becoming the champion of the world and holding the title for seven years. Norris left the tatami undefeated. His school in the City of Angels thanks to the professionalism of the founder, as well as its high-profile titles, have become very popular among the local population, among whom there were many kinoznamenitostey. Realizing that its golden age as an athlete behind Norris wondered how he could still realize themselves in life and earn good money. And the sphere of application of his abilities was the movie good, that ties him to this point to turn out a lot, and kinomekka called Hollywood, a suburb of Los Angeles, was at hand.
The famous Bruce Lee, martial artist, film director and actor, a good friend of Chuck’s, became a kind of godfather Norris in a movie. At that time, Bruce made his first steps in the film industry. In 1968, Lee confirmed the stunt in the movie “Rescue Team”, and Bruce nominated Chuck on a cameo bodyguard Sommer. This small role was the debut appearance of Chuck Norris in a movie. In 1972, Bruce Lee has released their own picture as a director, writer and performer starring “Way of the Dragon” and called on Chuck’s already significant role Colt. After the success of this film Norris is so believed in his excellent acting future, which appeared in are not satisfied with the project “Slaughter in San Francisco” (1974), and only after the failure of paintings realized that acting – a serious profession, which we must learn as hard as he studied martial arts. Norris started taking acting lessons.
In 1977, Chuck Norris is back in the movies and starred in the blockbuster “Call!” And soon became a star of Cannon Pictures films. In 1993, the CBS television station invited him to play the role of Texas Ranger Walker, and the world nearly 10 years clung to the television screens, watching the adventures of Cordell Walker. “Abrupt Walker: Justice in Texas” (1993-2001) – an American television series, the protagonist of which – Texas Ranger Cordell, a real man is always ready on the first call to come to the aid of victims.
Chuck Norris became the creator of a large number of television shows, he publishes a magazine and has written several books. At Norris a lot of fans, they invent stories about their idol, that only adds to its popularity. In 2009 he published a book “The official book Chuck Norris Facts”, where you can find the true answers to questions about life and the principles of the actor. He continues an active life, to star in a movie, participate in political life, dearly loves her already grown sons, and the fans and anti-chaknorrisovtsy comments and tales continue to turn Chuck Norris in the legend.

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