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Christopher Walken

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Christopher Walken (Christopher Walken) – American actor. “Oscar” Award Winner. The greatest popularity gained for his roles in “The Deer Hunter,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “anger,” “Blast from the Past,” “Catch Me If You Can.”
Born March 31, 1943 in New York. Already five years, Christopher began to show creativity, engaged in dancing and playing in the theater. His favorite pastime was going to the movies. As a child, for the interest he began to work in the private circus. A little later, he began to participate in various TV shows as extras, and even participated in the same room with the legendary musician Jerry Lee Lewis. And at the age of sixteen years, Walken has played on Broadway. At that time, he studied for a year at Hofstra University.
His theatrical career developed, he often played in Broadway productions, including various classical pieces. At the same time, Christopher played bit parts on television, which is also noted in several popular TV shows. And on the big screen Walken first appeared in the film “Me and my brother” in 1969. Already in 1971 he played a set with Sean Connery in the film “Anderson films”. A more prominent role was in Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall”, in the same 1977 it was noted in the films “Time” and “Roseland”.
But the take-off in the film career Walken was war drama “The Deer Hunter,” published in 1978, a role in which he received the award “Oscar”. Since proposals for participation in the new projects began to come from all sides. For further actor starred in the failure of an injured film “Gates of Paradise”, the musical “Pennies from Heaven”, a fantastic film “Brainstorm” mystical thriller based on the novel of Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone – The Dark Zone”, part of the James Bond “View to a Kill.”
Subsequent his work was the film “Puss in Boots”, “Home Boy”, “Contact”, “King of New York”, “Sarah, tall and a simple woman”, “lover”, the blockbuster “Batman Returns” and “Pulp Fiction” . At that time, Walken often played with such stars as Dennis Hopper, Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Tim Roth, and thanks to the skill, charisma and distinctive appearance, he was always able to create a vivid and memorable way. Leading an active acting career, Christopher for many years starred in about five films a year, taking care not to reject the proposed role, and always look for them a new experience. So in the following years with his participation we have seen the light such tapes as “The Prophecy”, “dependence”, “Wild fuss,” “Sleepy Hollow,” Tim Burton’s “The Godfather son”, “Blast from the Past”, “Vendetta”, “American saga “” The Departed, “” Affair of the necklace. ”
Released in 2005, the year the movie “Catch Me If You Can” Christopher brought a nomination for “Oscar” in the same year he played in another notable film “Julius Caesar.” Next on the screens out such films as “The Duel”, “Gigli,” “The Rundown,” “Man of the Year,” “The Stepford Wives,” “With remote control for life”, “Balls of Fury” and “Hairspray.” All these years, Christopher was able to maintain the status demanded by the actor and does not fade. Among the last works of the actor’s films “The Irishman,” “Honeymoon” and “dark horse.”
Walken loves to work closely with the scenario, bringing about changes in the nature of the characters, sometimes without sharing the vision of director. Being an excellent dancer, an actor often purposely added small dance numbers, which the viewer is always appreciated.

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