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Sir Christopher Franklin Carandini Lee – English actor, Commander of the Order of the British Empire, twice listed in the “Guinness Book of Records” for the highest growth among the existing actors and the number of references to the name in the credits, a former employee of British intelligence, polyglot and musician.
Christopher Lee was born on May 27, 1922 in London, in Belgravia. His father was a colonel in the Royal Corps of Great Britain, the hero of several wars, and my mother – Contessa Estelle Marie Carandini de Sarzana – one of the most beautiful women of his era. Christopher received a prestigious education at Eton College and Wellington University, where he studied Greek and Latin. Moreover Christopher Lee speaks French, Spanish, German and Russian languages. After graduation, Lee worked in a bank, and in 1941 the young man went to volunteer for the front, where for five years he served in the Royal Air Force and Special Forces. Discharged with the rank of lieutenant, he enrolled in drama school. Patronage of one of the cousins helped Christopher get to listen to one of the London theaters, and not just have a job, but also signed a contract for a few seasons. The actor has been involved in musicals and on the radio, and even in the movie, but the roles were small, unsigned, actor accused of excessively high growth – under two meters, such a tall man to count on leading roles was not necessary. The young actor for a long time thinking about what to do, money to live too much is not enough, but tired of vegetating in obscurity, and in the mid-50’s fate led him to the legendary Hammer studio, which is engaged in the production of cheap horror movies and adventure film for younger audiences. “I will always be indebted to the studio Hammer. I have always said that I am very grateful for everything. They gave me a great chance, made me recognizable face around the world, for which I am deeply grateful. ”
In 1957, Lee played his first ever starring role in “The Curse of Frankenstein.” He was great in the role of Frankenstein’s monster. All admired the new bogey, and criticism even rumored that Christopher Lee outdid himself legendary Boris Karloff – Frankenstein of all time. By the way, with Karloff they later became friends and even starred together. “The love of horror is one of the main features of human nature. This emotional outlet, so you tell any doctor “, – said Christopher Lee. In 1958, the actor appeared in the guise of the famous Count Dracula in the film “The Curse of Dracula.” And it determined the whole future, his whole spirit and attitude to the world of cinema: in spite of the huge number of roles, it’s “Dracula” is a favorite character for Lee, where, in his own words, he was able to play a sad and doomed to immortality sinister Count. This role has made Christopher Lee in the first magnitude star, he became an icon of horror. But in 1972, the actor has decided to no longer act in the role of Dracula, arguing that the image is too began to introduce in the current realities, spoil it by transferring these days, and therefore, Dracula began to lose the original meaning.
The list of legendary characters, played by Christopher Lee, there are Sherlock Holmes, in whose image he has appeared in several films. A cousin of the creator of James Bond Ian Fleming, the actor played in bondiane, performing the role of Francisco Scaramanga in the series “The Man with the Golden Gun” (1974). The success inspired the actor in the 70s to move to Hollywood. However, living in America, Christopher Lee starred in obscure movies or on television, and a few years later he returned to his homeland, where he continued to appear regularly.
Lee – a passionate fan of John Tolkien, and he was able to play a role in the famous trilogy, Saruman. He – the only actor of the film crew of “Lord of the Rings”, personally communicate with the professor. Christopher Lee loves opera, has a pleasant baritone and sometimes he sings in the film, which is removed. In 2007 he released a solo album under the name of Christopher Lee «Revelation», which sold platinum edition. In 2011, Christopher Lee was awarded the main prize of the British Academy BAFTA – for achievements in film.

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