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Born December 18, 1980. Father – Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera, a native of Ecuador, the sergeant of the US Armed Forces. Mother – Lorraine Shelley Aguilera (born Fiedler), in its genus has Irish, German, Dutch and Welsh roots, professional violinist and pianist, who at one time acted as a part of Youth Symphony Orchestra, worked as a teacher of Spanish.

Due to the military service of his father’s family have repeatedly changed the location: New York, New Jersey, Texas, about three years in Japan. At a young age after his parents divorced his mother and younger sister Rachel moved in with his grandmother in the city of Rochester (suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

From his childhood dream of becoming a singer, and participated in various competitions and talent shows. At eight years of age he took part in a nationally televised contest «Star Search» talent and took the 2nd place. At age 11, she sang the US national anthem during the “Stanley Cup” finals and was at that time the youngest performer of the national anthem at official events.

In 1993 he was cast in the show channel “Disney” “Mickey Mouse Club”, which was attended by 2 years, and where it crossed paths with many future stars of music and movies – Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, Ryan Gosling and other .
Due to the employment of a musical career was forced to leave school to complete their education without attending lectures.

At age 14, she recorded her first song – «All I Wanna Do» – a duet with Japanese performer Keizo Nakanishi. In 1997, she represented the United States at the international music festival “Golden Deer” in the city of Brasov (Romania).

In 1998 he recorded the song “the Reflection” for the soundtrack to the Disney animated film “Mulan”, for which he was nominated for «ALMA». In the same year he signed a contract with the record company «RCA Records», after which begins the real solo singing career.

In 1999 he recorded his first and most successful album «Christina Aguilera». So, the first single from the album «Genie in a Bottle» peaked at the top of the chart the Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks, and the second single, «What A Girl Wants» has become one of the best selling singles of the year. Global sales of the album totaled 17 million copies and won the singer (as for the album as a whole and for the individual singles) numerous professional awards, including the Prize Award “Grammy” in the category “Best New Artist”.
In 2000 he released the album «Mi Reflejo» Spanish who confidently in the lead in the rankings of Latin pop music, and the end of the year – the album «My Kind of Christmas».

Later the singer a lot of experimenting – with both styles of music, and with his looks. So, for the album «Stripped» ( «naked») Aguilera chose uninhibited erotic image that, though has been the subject of much criticism and controversy, however, contributed to the success of sales – more than 14 million copies worldwide.

The album «Back to Basics» was also experimental: it is a modern pop music combined with elements of jazz, soul, blues and pop music of the past years. Total recorded 7 albums: «Christina Aguilera» (1999), «Mi Reflejo» (2000), «My Kind of Christmas» (2000), «Stripped» (2002), «Back to Basics» (2006), «Bionic» (2010) and «Lotus» (2012).

The total number of albums sold over 70 million copies, which made it one of the best-selling female singers. «Rolling Stone» Magazine ranked it to the Top 100 Greatest Artists of All Time (in the list she became the youngest and the only representative under 30 years).

In 2010, she first performed as an actress, starring in the film “Burlesque” Along with its artistic activities, participate in advertising. He signed a contract with the shoe company «Skechers» and a half years advertised shoes series «Sport», «Active» and «Something Else» in 2003. In the same year, he became the face of one of the designer Donatella Versace promotional companies. In 2004, he became the face of the brand «Mercedes Benz».

In 2004, he signed with the British company «Basic Box Limited» contract to build its own line of fashionable clothes and accessories, but because of the reluctance of the singer to produce clothing under its own label, the contract was terminated.

Since 2007, successfully working in the perfume business, releasing every year on a new flavor: «Christina Aguilera» (2007), «Inspire» (2008), «Christina Aguilera By Night» (2009), «Christina Aguilera Royal Desire» (2010) , «Secret Potion» (2011) and «Red Sin» (2012).
Many engaged in charitable activities.

In cooperation with the World Food Programme, the United Nations has helped to collect about $ 115 million that went to various humanitarian projects. In October 2012 it was awarded the prize for the US State Department, which she handed over to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

(Total received more than 100 awards, lists the most important)
▪ Award “Grammy” in the category “Best New Artist” (1999)
▪ Award «ALMA» (American Latino Media Arts Award, the award is called “Latin American Oscar”) in the category “Best New Artist of the Year” (2000)
▪ Latin Award “Grammy” for the album «Mi Reflejo» (2001)
▪ Award “Grammy” in the category “Best vocal cooperation” (along with Pink, Lil ‘Kim and Maya) for the song «Lady Marmalade» (2001)
▪ Award “the ALMA” in the category “Outstanding soundtrack” for the song «Lady Marmalade» in the film “Moulin Rouge” (2002)
▪ Award “Grammy” in the category “Best Female Pop Vocal” for “Beautiful” song (2003)
▪ Award «MTV Europe Music Awards» in the nomination “The best performer of the year” (2003)
▪ Award «MTV Asia Awards» in the nomination “The best performer of the year” (2004)
▪ Award «MTV Europe Music Awards» in the nomination “The best performer of the year” (2006)
▪ Award “Grammy» «Is not No Other Man» (2006)
▪ The star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (15.11.2010)
▪ Award “the ALMA” for participating as a mentor and coach in singing «The Voice» project ( “Voice”) on NBC (2012)
▪ Award «ALMA» for Excellence (2012)
▪ Award of the US State Department «George McGovern Leadership Award» for his contribution to the fight against hunger in the world (2012)

A family
Spouse – Jordan Bretmen (15.11.2005 – 15.04.2011)
Son – Max Layron Batman (12.01.08)

– Matthew Rattler (the novel in 2011, met on the set of the film “Burlesque”)

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