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Born 02.02.1954, Detroit, Michigan, USA
The American model, actress
Childhood, youth
Christie Brinkley was born February 2, 1954 in Detroit, US, Michigan, the son of Herbert and Marjorie Hudson, her parents divorced shortly after the birth of her daughter. His mother moved to California, where she married a successful TV host Don Brinkley, who adopted the girl and Christie got the surname of his stepfather. Successfully graduated from a prestigious high school in California, and in 1972 graduated in Brentwood, Christie Brinkley moved to Paris to start a close study acting.
Model business
In Paris, in the life of Christie Brinkley broke his Majesty the case. Attractive girl at the post office noted American photographer Errol Sawyer, who persuaded Christie Brinkley for a couple of shots, and then everything began to turn at high speed. Errol Sawyer presented the pictures the main agent for the selection of models in France, John Kasablenkasu, the professional look to appreciate the girl, Christie Brinkley helped get profitable order to shoot for three national ad campaigns.
Starting to work in the advertising business, Christie Brinkley was spotted by agents of prestigious fashion houses, and after taking part in the show in the middle of 1980 swimwear collections Christie Brinkley’s career rapidly gained momentum. Christie Brinkley concluded the longest in the history of advertising agencies a record 20-year contract with cosmetics brand “CoverGirl”. Surprisingly, in 2005, “CoverGirl” re-signed a multi-year agreement Christie Brinkley, using this time a celebrity in ads in magazines and TV commercials for mature funds for skin care.
He did not pass his attention Christie Brinkley and American cinema. Of course, the world is often the supermodel has appeared in cameo roles in the frame, for example, in the television series “Mad About You”, “E True Hollywood Story,” “The View” and many others.
Kinostart Christie Brinkley took on the big screen in 1983 in the comedy “The Holiday”, then the model has played a charming girl, riding on a chic red Ferrari. Christie Brinkley repeated the same role in the final part of the cult comedy quadrilogues – in the “Vacation in Vegas” in 1997, which suddenly brought the Chevy Chase in the category of first-tier comedians superstars.
“Vacation in Vegas” – a film about outstanding. It was the last film of the famous Chevy Chase, in which the actor starred. Director Steven Kessler, for which the “Vacation in Vegas” was the debut in cinema, caught the thing that was typical of the comedy series “Vacation”, the covers of his more famous predecessors. Stephen Kessler caught the chord of lightness and good “debilizma” with what was filmed the first film, and he turned real movie from the 1980s, naive, absolutely stupid, but a kind and funny.
The script, which is, unfortunately, was not written by John Hughes, get a place somewhat dry and naive, but thanks to the professional game actors: Beverly D`Andzhelo talented, charming Marisol Nichols, Randy Quaid’s power and presence on the set of the famous Christie Brinkley eventually failed . And the director, the actors and his film in the late 1990s returned to the audience in gold in 1980, pleased with their “nostalgic” heroes, warm atmosphere, simple and clean humor.
Christie Brinkley combines acting and promotional activities with a favorite pastime: post pictures and illustrations made by himself, in the prestigious glossy magazines.
Cleverly, professionally Christie Brinkley does business and the real estate market, first of all it acts as the owner of real estate, much of which is located in Hemptons working capital in this area of activity Christie Brinkley “rolls” for $ 80 million.
Personal life
Christie Brinkley has been married four times: the first husband of the supermodel was a French artist Jean-François Hullo, with which Christie Brinkley has lived at 1981 1973. In 1983, thirty-five chosen beauties became Billy Joel, Brinkley at that time celebrated for 31 years. This union lasted until 1994. Then Christie Brinkley for the year was the chosen one handsome Richard Tobmena. And in 1995 the model was married to architect Peter Halsey Cook, this time, family life model lasted until 2008.
Christie Brinkley – the mother of three sons: Alexa Ray Joel, was born December 29, 1985, Jack Paris’ Tobmena born June 2, 1995, the boy was later adopted by Peter Cook and named Jack Paris Cook, Brinkley and Lee Brinkley, who was born in 1998.
Despite its “multiple marriage”, Christie Brinkley believes that she was lucky and she is happy in his personal life.
Interesting Facts
Christie Brinkley – an activist for animal rights and the environment.
Christie Brinkley starred for the very first Sports Illustrated Calendar, releasing two of their own in a few years.
Christie Brinkley as the main editorial model, appeared on more than 500 covers of prestigious publications in America, France and Italy.
In 1983, Christie wrote and illustrated a book on health – “External beauty of Christie Brinkley,” sales of which topped the list repeatedly sold bestselling “The New York Times.”
Christie Brinkley opened her own clothing line “in a simple manner”, and participated in the creation of brand eyewear from “the Nouveau”, who took the leading position later. She also released their own fragrance, has created a jewelry collection.
Christie Brinkley has appeared with Chuck Norris in a long series of cable television commercials promoting “Gym home fitness equipment.”
Christie Brinkley was one of three models, the image of which the famous doll “Barbie” were made.
Readers of “Playboy” recognized Christie Brinkley one of 100 sexiest women of the 20th century.
Christie Brinkley took a respectable 3rd place in the “top 10 supermodels” “.

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