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This handsome Hollywood claims that he doesn’t need crowd of fans, millions of dollars and beautiful cars to be happy. It is enough for him to have close people with him. Chris Pratt is sure that he is already the happiest man on the planet and the matter is not at all in the growing popularity in Hollywood, but in his beautiful wife and little son.

Regular guy Chris … Biography of the actor
Christopher Michael Pratt was born in an average American family, far from the world of cinema. His mother worked as a salesman in a supermarket, and his father hunted in gold mines. Pratty originally lived in Virginia, and then, when the head of the family decided to change his occupation and retrained in the restorer of old buildings, they collected their goods, moved to Washington State, in the small town of Lake Stevens. In addition to Chris, there were two more children in the family, I did not have to bling. Parents gave their offspring elementary education, and then each went his own way.

Chris Pratt
School photo of the future celebrity
At school, Chris was seriously interested in wrestling and made progress in this sport.

Pratt managed to go to the college of his city, but he graduated from it only one semester. He did not know what he wanted to do, and his choice was small. The main thing for a guy at that time was to find a stable income, but without a high school diploma it is difficult to get a good job. That is why in his youth, Chris managed to work and a stripper, and a waiter, and ticket seller. Accidental earnings led to the fact that the guy was not able to rent a house, and he had to settle in a tent on the beach. But there is no bad without good. It was on one of the Hawaiian beaches that the pretty waiter was noticed by actress Ray Don Chong. She recommended her agent to pay attention to the young man.

The first movie roles
As a result, Chris passed the test for a cameo role in the short horror film “The Damned-3.” The first guy’s fee was $ 750. After that, he realized that he had found the job of his dreams. The next project was the series “Love of the widower”. The role of Pratt was small, but the show was a success with the audience and lasted several seasons. During this time, Chris managed to establish himself as a promising supporting actor.

His comedic talent was noted by producers and soon a pretty and friendly newcomer began to receive invitations to sample various TV shows with enviable consistency. So he got into the Hollywood soap “Lonely Hearts”. In the series, he turned into a funny guy Che.

Chris Pratt
The love of the audience convinced the producers to leave Chris in the series “Parks and recreation areas” for all 4 seasons
The series “Parks and Recreation” was the next step in the acting career of Chris. For six years he was involved in the shooting. By the way, the creators of the show wanted to exclude the character of Chris after the first season, but after interviewing the audience, they were extremely surprised that a large percentage of respondents sympathize with the hero Pratt. Thus, the actor remained in the frame for all four seasons.

Dreams of a big …
Thanks to this experience, the self-taught actor fled, and increasingly began to appear on the screens. For an ordinary guy who worked as a waiter and lived in a tent on the beach, it was a success, but for becoming in Hollywood it was not enough. Well-known directors who are trusted by film bosses in their multi-million dollar projects are usually not at risk, and they already invite well-known actors to play the main roles in order to collect a good cashier during the first weekend after the premiere.

There are exceptions when new faces are needed. It was such a chance that Chris turned up in 2009, when James Cameron was looking for a talented unknown actor for the lead role in his Avatar. Pratt passed the tests, but as a result, the role went to Sam Worthington. Dreams of a big movie had to say goodbye for a while, and Chris, despite all his joie de vivre, became depressed and recovered greatly.

When in 2011 he was lucky and he passed the casting into the Brad Pitt picture “The Man Who Changed Everything,” the actor perked up. For the role of Pratt had to lose a couple of three kilograms, which is very well reflected in his external data. As a result, the picture claimed six Oscars. For Chris’s career, it was an invaluable experience.

Chris Pratt
For the sports drama “The Man Who Changed Everything” Chris had to lose weight and go on a diet
In 2011, Chris had to experiment with weight. Dropping overweight for the role of a baseball player, after a while he came

Star dossier
Christopher Michael Pratt Name
Date of birth June 21, 1979
Virginia Birthplace, USA
Height 1.88 m
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye color Green
Hobby collecting beetles, fishing
Type of activity actor
Marital Status Married to Anna Faris

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