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Initially the chips as an elite delicacy were sold only in expensive restaurants, and later crispy potato slices appeared in democratic institutions and moved into the category of fast food, which often bite children. And today the chips listed in the “black list” of food and completely banned kids
Potato chips is the appetizer, which is a thinly sliced potato (sometimes other root vegetables or fruits), fried in oil (fried). This crunchy product was accidentally invented by George Crum, who worked as the chef of the restaurant in a fine hotel in the us resort of Saratoga springs. Known date of the creation of chips – 24 Aug 1853. On this day railroad tycoon Vanderbilt was dissatisfied brought him French fries, which, in his opinion, was too thickly sliced. Indignant cram dared to teach the guest of honor – he sliced the potatoes so thinly that it is translucent, and fried. But it brought a dish so like the rich man and his friends that it was even listed in the menu under the name “Saratoga Chips” (in English “chips” means “a piece, slice”). Paradoxically, the next 30 years is potato treats can be tasted only in prestigious restaurants, and only in the early twentieth century, the chips migrated to the cheapest eateries and cafes.
There are 2 basic ways of cooking this product. Classic is as follows: potatoes should be cut into thin slices, fry in oil and add spices. In the presence of suitable shinkovannoy Board this method can be replicated in the home kitchen. But the greatest disadvantage of this recipe is that the result of prolonged exposure to hot oil in the chips appears carcinogen acrylamide. To avoid this harmful component, use another recipe: a thin layer of mashed potato into chips, which are also fried in oil.
Many fans of crispy treats believe that this product is made from potatoes. But really today, most manufacturers use flour (corn or wheat) and a mixture of starches. They buy dry food (flakes or pellets of different cultures), make the dough-mashed potatoes give products of desired shape (from stars to triangles) and fried in deep fat (mostly in cheap fats), and supply fragrances.
Chips, and other snacks, often served with beer. Sometimes they order a dip – a thick sauce in which to dip the slices are Golden.
Use chips
Valuable substances in the chips is not to find: there are neither minerals nor vitamins. During thermal processing of potato or a different culture to lose their useful qualities and acquire only harmful.
Fans of crunch that a potato snack expose themselves to many dangers. Chips in considerable quantities contain TRANS fatty acids, which contribute to the development of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, reduced testosterone levels and impaired immune function. In the process of roasting the chips accumulated hydrogenated fat which triggers the formation of “bad” cholesterol: the use of malicious substances leads to the development of atherosclerosis and thrombophlebitis.
Heat treatment transforms all the nutrients of potatoes in carcinogenic. Even if the necessary technology of chips produced acrolein is a product of breakdown of fats with carcinogenic and mutagenic properties. Even more dangerous is acrylamide: it causes serious violations at the genetic level, affects the nervous system, kidneys and liver. Not so long ago in the chips has discovered another harmful carcinogen glycemic, which leads to the appearance of cancerous tumors and DNA damage.
In addition, potato “chips” rich in salt, different flavors and flavors. It is these substances that cause allergies, bowel problems, heartburn or gastritis, as well as inhibition of normal growth of bones, disorders of metabolic processes and the development of heart disease.

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