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Chinchilla – incredibly cute and funny little animal, it belongs to the order of rodents chinchilla family. Her closest relatives – the other two kinds of the same family: Alpine viskachi (they Pushak), and viskashi. Under natural conditions, chinchillas live in their homeland – in the mountains of South America. The genus includes two species: short-tailed chinchilla, a small long-tailed korotkohvostnaya and (ordinary) chinchilla.
According to legend, his name shall small mammal tribe of Indians “chyncha” from South America, who wore clothes of animal fur. Later the Inca conquerors, and after them the Spaniards appreciated the gorgeous coat chinchillas, but this was a disaster for the animals.
As a result, the number of active fishing declined, and for a long time chinchilla were listed in the Red Book. This is especially touched korotkohvostnyh representatives. But the long-tailed chinchillas mostly preserved in nature, and they often become pets. The domestication of these lovely animals save them from extinction.
Externally, the long-tailed chinchilla looks like a little rabbit, adult animal weighs less than 1 kg, but the females are usually larger than males. Dimensions babies are different: an average of 19.5 to 27 cm, while the tail can reach 17 cm in length.
Hind legs developed stronger because with their help animals move.
Incredibly cute little face is decorated with large black eyes, help the little animals to navigate in the dark. The very rounded muzzle and ears are literally located on the top.
Smooth and fluffy fur length of about 3 cm warms chinchilla, color zoned: the lower body area is dark blue, sometimes almost black, the middle part – white top – black. This color creates a very beautiful game tones and resembles a veil.
Natural (standard) chinchilla – gray. But breeders over the past 80 years of diversified palette of colors of the animal. Today there are chinchilla following colors: black velvet, white, beige, gomobezhevy, purple, sapphire and others. All these colors are crossed with each other, and as a result there are various combinations with more than 200 variations.
As to the character of this lovely pet, it is very individual. Chinchillas are both quite tame and completely independent, no matter how strange it may seem quality in such a small animal.
If you have a child going to teach your child to sit on the handles, then perhaps it will grow gentle and affectionate and will be happy as soon as you will approach him to stroke.
But the owner – not only joy fluffy baby, although the gentle attitude towards people get used quickly and distinguish different family members, while generally not well tamed.
Chinchillas are very inquisitive and active, love to frolic and play, run and jump, but mostly at night. It is important to remember that the sharp and loud noises may frighten your pet, but the tone they understand well. It is best to keep the day pet in a cage, because like it or not, but it is a rodent, and in a free walk around the apartment, he could easily bite the wire, or your favorite antique chair.
Due to its beauty chinchilla often become heroes exhibitions. Shows chinchillas are held regularly, and if you want to pursue a career of your baby – keep in mind the following points.
To participate in the fairs your pitomitsy must be in good physical shape, have good weight and manicured fur, but not necessarily have the pedigree to all exhibitions.
The exhibition evaluated following appearance criteria: the length of the muzzle (the shorter the better), the width of the tip of the nose (the wider the better), and the distance between the eyes and between the ears (the more, the better). But the biggest role in the assessment plays a chinchilla fur.

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