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Chevrolet Tahoe 4

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Toward the close of 2015 it was time to get acquainted with the new, already the fourth generation of Tahoe.
By tradition, we compare the previous generation with a new aesthetic qualities. The nose of the model in 2015 significantly changed. Now visible continuity with earlier generations. All the matter in the headlights – they are logically divided into two parts, LED strip and seems floors, as it was in the first and second generation. Grille also changed, now it can boast an abundance of chrome and brutal massiveness. More attractive, and now looks like a bumper, it changes shape and tried chrome elements.
All models charisma is concentrated in the bow chastiVsya charisma model is concentrated in the bow
Profile does not give such vivid impressions as the facade, but again with the aesthetics of the angle in the fourth generation more. It is difficult to say exactly why the most likely effect of creating more attractive chrome trim on the windows, a special form of head optics and probably peaked roof design of the C-pillar – to me as a fan of cubism, it flatters.
Profile does not give such vivid impressions as the facade, but again with the aesthetics of the angle in the fourth generation bolsheProfil does not give such vivid impressions as the facade, but again with the aesthetics of the angle in the fourth generation longer
Changes to “feed” the weak, and in fact purely utilitarian lights just somewhat diminished in size and changed the internal pattern, and embossing pattern is located on the fifth door became a little more fun. Is not it somewhat dull? I want the triumph of design ideas and rear, with “limber” were able to. Indeed, some say, the artists are children who have survived! It seems that “stern” not doing it.
But in general the car safely drawn to four in terms of appearance.
Dimensions: length – 518.2 cm; width – 204.5 cm; height – 189.1 cm; wheelbase – 294.6 cm.
The interior of the new Tahoe, CA, without a doubt, look more boldly and even in some way more interesting than before. However, in the design of the front panel there is no obvious or highlight something outstanding. This artful shapes and a hint of the “Decepticons and Autobots” in the design of the central console, we’ve seen before, “Chevrolet” in other models. However, in the interior of the SUV still has a hint of that same flavor – is the instrument panel: speedometer and tachometer are scattered on its corners, and above them as if proudly sit four arrow indicator, and all this flavored with pleasant colors (turquoise, red and white ).
In conjunction with the on-board computer display color looks so elegant still life design, and great readability. Above the “tidy” worked exactly the very surviving children, then there are real artists. The center console is sheltered at a sliding touchscreen multimedia system with good quality graphics. Behind the screen is hidden box for small things. Below is a block of the music system and informative unit air conditioner.
The complete LTZ second row boasts a separate seating with armrests. About the amount of free space on the second row, you can not say it very much. The third row is designed for three people, a place above the head is still missing, but the legs will be closely, if you have at least average growth. From premium “chips” it is worth noting the electric drive of folding the second and third rows. Cargo capacity with a raised third row is 433 liters if you fold the gallery and the second row of the figure will increase to 2682 liters.
Under the hood lies a child is almost a bygone era of good old monstrous the V8, rock ‘n’ roll and film “Vanishing Point” type, which discloses a freedom-loving personality of the protagonist. Why I’m so far into the wilds of the 20th century? The answer is simple: in fact the engine has antediluvian design, it is as simple as your kitchen knife and that the most important thing – this is not the bag with the two-liter juice, flavored with turbo charging (real fans reliability and scope understand what I mean). However, even such an old-fashioned motor has features of modern civilization, and it is a direct fuel injection system, and even the cylinder shutdown system to save fuel. When the volume in the horrific by today’s standards, 6.2-liter returns up to 409 hp, and the time in the “freight” 609 nm is realized at 4100 rev / min.
In conjunction with the six-speed “automatic” rides 2.5-ton machine of very personal. Box copes well with its task and on time change rate, all the spoils only The damped accelerator pedal, because this machine suffers from a certain thoughtfulness. But this is only thought to go, you have the same covers the “avalanche of thrust” and huge “apartments on wheels” rush far ahead. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes just 6.8 seconds, top speed is limited to a ceiling of 180 km / h. In the combined cycle, the machine asks 13.4 liters of fuel.
The suspension has undergone minor changes, the track became wider, and the track rod ball joint zaimela. Irregularities mediocre car handles well, but the only thing they have to be isolated, or shaking. Offset in part is capable of adaptive shock absorbers Magnetic Ride, riding becomes more comfortable with them, shakes really less. In turns the SUV included in the loading, silkworm eggs noticeable, and the steering wheel several pustovat – it costs a gigantic size, which is not correct in any way.
The AWD system is now implemented by means of an electromagnetic clutch, which is in charge of connecting the front wheels and has a positive locking, in addition transmission has a step-down mode. Provides additional flotation and differential lock of the rear wheels. In general imputed off-road equipment, it lacks a high ground clearance, in our case it is equal to 20 cm.
Lexus LX570 – updated three years ago. Under the hood – 367-hp V8.
Mercedes GL – the second generation of the largest SUV from Mercedes. Under the hood, the version GL 400 4MATIC – V6 at 333 hp
Cadillac Escalade – recently came to light a new generation.

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