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Name: Cher (Sherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre Bono Allman)
Date of Birth: May 20, 1946
Age: 70 years
Place of birth: El Centro
Height: 174
Activities: American pop singer, songwriter, actress, director and music producer
Marital status: Married
Cher: biography
Sherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre Bono Allman, which the world knows as Cher, was born in California in May 1946. She was born into a poor family native of Armenia, the driver-trucker Karapet Sargsyan and little-known actress with Indian roots Georgia Holt. At the time of the birth of his daughter married parents fell. Cher was able for the first time to meet with her father when she was 11 years old.
Sherilyn has not been very diligent student – science it attracted little. In addition, the girl suffered from excessive shyness. But the example of actress-moms, albeit not very lucky, instilled in her dream to grow and will certainly become a star. And Sherilyn equally attracted to a career as a singer and actress career.
As a teenager, Cher, who lived in one of the largest cities of California El Centro, constantly lost in the cinemas and at rock concerts. It is so “got used to” the image of the star that long practiced initialed by choosing the best option signature.
In 16 years, Cher has left school and together with his girlfriend went to Los Angeles to study acting skills.
“Sonny and Cher”
Cher’s career began with a happy accident. In 1962 she met in a cafe in Los Angeles with the assistant the famous music producer Phil Spector. His name was Sonny (Salvatore) Bono. Sonny suggested Sherilyn to live in his home as a housewife. At first, she was cooking food for him, cleaned. Soon Sonny noticed the girl’s keen interest in music, especially rock. At the same time he showed a deep and beautiful voice. On this basis, the couple started other relationships, working first, then personal.
Initially settled Cher backing vocalist in the studio Phil Spector. She participated in the recording of classic songs, some of which were hits. But first there was Cher’s solo record in 1964. It was a song «Ringo, I Love You». However, it was published under a pseudonym, as the producer found the name of the performer, “not American.”
The debut was successful. Sonny and Cher decided to try to go to the “independent voyage.” He wrote and produced the song, and then the duo performed the song. Soon, very bright couple – the long-haired hippies and exotic beauty with sensual and deep tone of voice – have become a sensation on both sides of the Atlantic.
In early 1965 the duo released their debut album, «Look at Us». His single, at the urging of Sonny subsided song «I Got You Babe».
In the summer of 1965 Sonny and Cher released a second album together titled «All I Really Want to Do». It included the same name Cher song, which can be called the first hit of the singer.
For the first and the second followed by 7 more collections of Cher and Sonny. The last of them is no longer used by the former popularity. It turned out that because of unsuccessful albums and taken them to issue loans wife “overgrown” with enormous debts. Then they decided to reorient itself in its creative activity and take advantage of fame, to lead its transmission on one of the channels. The project was named “Comedy Hour Sonny and Cher”, but soon changed their name to the more capacious – “Sonny and Cher Show.” Transfer aired 7 years. It was a mix of humor and comedy sketches, musical numbers are interspersed. Visiting Sonny and Cher visited by the stars of the first magnitude.
In the early 1970s Cher songs written by Sonny continued to broadcast. Three of them – «Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves», «Half-Breed» and «Dark Lady» – hit the US charts and became hits.
In 1974, the marriage of Sonny and Cher collapsed. At the same time Union disappeared and the popular show. Former wife tried to produce their programs separately from each other, but the venture did not work out. Therefore, under the pressure of spectators Sonny and Cher were forced to team up again. However, this association did not affect their personal life.
Music and Movies
In 1982, Sher moved to New York, where she was asked to play in a Broadway play. Debut as an actress was successful. Since it began cinematic biography of Cher. Acting talent of the singer praised director Mike Nichols, proposing to withdraw Cher “Silkwood” in his painting. Seeing that it will play Meryl Streep, aspiring actress has agreed, without even reading the script without hesitation. She played the role of a lesbian who is in love with the main character of the tape. And he played so convincingly and clearly that was nominated for “Oscar” nomination for the award.
After 3 years, Cher appears again on the screen in the “Mask” drama. This is a film about a teenager with a rare disease that disfigured his face. Cher played mom boy. Then the actress is involved in the “Suspect” films, “The Witches of Eastwick” and “The Power of the moon.” For his work in the last tape Cher received the “Oscar” award. This romantic comedy has received only 3 “Oscar”, one of which – for the best female role – and got Cher. She played the heroine Loretta Castorina, initially cold and rational woman who unexpectedly falls in love passionately.
Parallel cinema continues to develop musical career Cher. In 1987 she signed a contract with the studio «Geffen Records» and recorded a new album. In his record was attended by Diane Warren, Michael Bolton and Bon Jovi.
It appeared on the hit video Cher «If I Could Turn Back Time» in the 1989th. But the clip was banned because of too revealing outfits singer. And next year, Cher again topped all the charts with the hit “Shoop Shoop Song”.
In 1994, the Star fans welcomed her new album «The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience». But a year later the album was in the shadow of the huge success that followed the release of the album «It’s a Man’s World». It included the hits «Walking in memphis» and «One by one».
1998 issued a star to new heights. This is due to the release of a new album entitled Cher «Believe». It entered the eponymous hit, which was subsequently recognized by the world and brought the singer “Grammy”. There also featured two songs ( «Strong enough» and «Living proof»), who made a gay icon Cher.
Unique features for their creative activities Sher summed up his book, in which he told about all the hardships and pitfalls of stellar life. And from 2002 to 2005th singer traveled to the farewell concert most of the world. Since the end of 2008, she appeared only in Las Vegas, what made this already famous place even more popular. Often in Las Vegas did not go so much for the casino, how much in order to “live” to hear Cher.
Cher and today remains the only performer who managed to enter the top-10 «Billboard Hot 100″ for a record 50 years.
Personal life
At Sher has two children. In 1969, married to Sonny Bono had a daughter Chastity. His name girl got through the film of the same name, while working on a pregnant Cher. In 2010, 41-year-old Chastity officially changed her sex and was named Chaz Bono. With this decision, the daughter has become a son, Sher reconciled with difficulty.
Second marriage to musician Greg Oldman in 1976. Cher gave birth to a son, Elijah.
After her divorce from the star Oldman happened a few short novels. Life Cher in the 1980s – a romantic relationship with Val Kilmer, Eric Clapton, Richie Sambora and Mark Hudson.
During the reception at the White House 40-year-old Cher, at the moment is the first magnitude star, met 23-year-old Tom Cruise, who has just started the ascent to Olympus. Then married Cruise Their affair lasted only a few months. But Cher, and Mimi Rogers.
In the early 1998 Cher suffered a stroke: the ski resort killed her first husband Sonny Bono, with whom she maintained a warm relationship. As recognized by Cher, it continues to communicate with Sonny, and now through the medium James Van Praag.
In the summer of 2012, the star once again tied the bonds of Hymen. She married a biker Tim Medvettsa.

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