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Charles Aznavour – biography
Charles Aznavour (his real name is Shakhnur Varinag Aznavouryan) was born on May 22, 1924 in Paris, in the family of Armenian immigrants Mikhail Aznavouryan and Knar Baghdasaryan.

Charles Aznavour: “Both the mother and father are Armenians, although from different countries: the father is from Georgia, and the mother is from Turkey. I am a Frenchman of Armenian descent, my parents belonged to an Armenian church. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, № 40 (09/29/2005)

The future singer studied in the children’s art school, and later – in the central Paris school of TSF. From the age of nine, Charles played on stage and sang, taking the creative pseudonym Aznavour.

Aznavour began his musical career with composer Pierre Roche. Talented artists noticed the popular singer Edith Piaf, and in 1946 they took part in her concert tour of France and the United States. For many years, Aznavour was for Piaf a friend, driver, songwriter, student, secretary and confidant in her many novels – and followed her everywhere for many years.

In 1953, Charles released his debut album entitled “Charles Aznavour chante … Charles Aznavour”. During his career, the artist has recorded 50 albums.

World fame came to chanson in 1956 after successful concerts in Casablanca and Paris, where Aznavour performed in the famous Olympia hall three times a day.

In 1958, Charles Aznavour made his debut on the silver screen, playing in the film “Head against the wall”. Until this point, he played several episodic roles in French films.

In 1970, chanson published a biographical book, Aznavour on Aznavour. He also released a collection of memoirs, The Time of the Foremost (Past and Present, 2004).

Charles Aznavour: “I wrote something like a travel diary in Spain. More – a book of poems, not become songs, and reflections. And very soon, in October, a collection of my stories is published in Paris. What are they – a secret until the book is printed! In the same place I will place the photos made by me. This is a serious book. I am generally a very serious person. Serious singer, serious writer ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, № 40 (09/29/2005)

His other films include tapes such as: “Oh, what a mambo!” (1959), “Orpheus’s Will” (1960), “Shoot the Pianist” (1960), “Going over the Rhine” (1960), “Taxi in Tobruk “(1960),” The Devil and the Ten Commandments “(1962),” Look for the idol “(1963),” One Hundred Bricks and Tiles “(1964),” Sweet Tooth “(1968),” The Lion’s Share “(1971),” Heavenly Riders ”(1976),“ Tin Drum ”(1979),“ Magic Mountain ”(1982),“ Ghosts of the Hatter ”(1982),“ From whom does David run? (1982), “Edith and Marcel” (1983), “Gvozdoed” (1987), “Ararat” (2002), “Father of Goryo” (2004), etc.

On account of the singer more than 1000 songs, the most famous among which are: “Bohema”, “Mama”, “Eternal Love”, “Unfashionable Joy”, “Youth”, “Yesterday Even”, “Isabella”, “She”, “As they say “,” Ave Maria “,” No, I have not forgotten anything “,” I already imagined “,” Because “,” Two guitars “,” Take me away “,” We must be able to “,” Die for love “, etc.

Charles Aznavour was married three times. His spouses were Micheline Rugel, Evelyn Plessis and Ulla Torsel. In these marriages, he had children of Seda (1947), Charles (1952), Patrick (1956-1951), Katya (1969), Misha (1971), and Nicolas (1977).

Charles Aznavour: “Before Ulla I was officially married twice. People make mistakes, this is a common thing. When I got married the first time, I was too young. And she too: she was 17, and I was 21. With Micheline, we had a daughter, Seda. This marriage lasted five years. My second wife was called Evelyn, it is a completely different and shorter story, again erroneous. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, № 40 (09/29/2005)

October 3, 2014. 90-year-old Charles Aznavour performed at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow with a two-hour concert. In the same year, singer was awarded the breastplate of the Russian Foreign Ministry “For contribution to international cooperation.”

He passed away on October 1, 2018.

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