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Chameleon representative reptile belongs to the order of scaly. This bright lizard lives in the tropics and subtropics of the Old World. body dimensions depend on the type and range from 2 to 60 cm. In all, in the wild, there are about 135 species.
In lizards laterally compressed body, powerful head, on the back of the raised ridges which color or bumps. Some even have horns. All this decoration belongs to the males, the females have only rudimentary embryos. Compared with the body of an exotic animal, chameleon legs are thin and long.
But on feet clutching fingers with small claws. The first two fingers are connected and contrasted connected to three other fingers. It turns claw, with which he kept on the trees, grasping the trunk with his feet.
Tail lizard unusual – may curl spiral, and serves as an additional support. Idly her feet on the branch, lizard seems so awkward. Well, he stopped, wrapped its tail around branches and froze. Only his huge eyes constantly rotate in opposite directions, and look at the world, independent of each other. He did not even have to turn his head to find their own food. Eyes – the main helpers in the hunt. Pupil fused hidden for centuries, leaving only a small opening for the circular review.
Chameleon is also interesting in that is able to change color. It is believed that, in such a way, it adapts to the environment and is masked among the foliage and trees. But scientists, watching him, favored the hypothesis of a different kind. He conveys his feelings and react to the external world, ie, – Hungry, scared, this is my territory, I’m cold and I have a mating season. The color changes due to the unusual structure of the skin, called chromatophores. Chromatophores contain colored pigments inside the skin flakes.
Chameleon is a solitary lifestyle, eating insects, occasionally eat vegetarian food, fruits and drinks water. Some eat smaller lizards and small birds. He can long endure without food, but without water there. Hunt sitting motionless on a branch, waiting for “careless” insect and catches him by firing a fraction of a second language. The language is strong and fast, with the capture of the victim’s tongue tip is bent to form a cup and grabbed … ..! Effective language as a suction cup, and does not run and does not break the poor man got on the hunter language. Cautious predator is able to quietly sneak up on what he saw with his own eyes the production.
If you meet two chameleon in the way of each other, the whole performance begins. Males hiss, swell, thereby demonstrating its power. They can fight, but usually differ on different sides of the world.
By the beginning of the breeding season, males become more active. For breeding they go down to the ground. Painting boyfriend is the best and brightest to please the female. Pregnancy lasts about two months. Then the female digs a hole and lays eggs. It will take another 5 to 9 months, and there will be little kids. For the safety of sitting on the back of my mother. In nature, chameleons live 8 years.
Class – Reptiles
Squad – Scaled
Family – Chameleons

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