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Cerina Vincent

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Vincent is best known for played her role of Maya in the television series ‘power Rangers: Lost galaxy’ (‘Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy’). No less remarkable in her career was the role of the Areola, the naked foreign exchange student, in the Comedy ‘not another Teen movie’ (‘Not Another Teen Movie’) and the role of Marcy in the horror movie ‘the Fever’ (‘Cabin Fever’).
Cerina Vincent born February 7, 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas, Nevada). In her family were the Italians. In 1996 she won the title ‘Miss Nevada Teen USA’ and competed for the title of ‘Miss Nevada’. She was among the top 15 contestants of ‘Miss Nevada’, but failed to win prizes. Held in Las Cruces, nm (Las Cruces, New Mexico), the competition, the winner of which then became woods, Christy Lee (Christie Lee Woods) from Texas (Texas.), was broadcast live.
After the remarkable role of the yellow Ranger Maya in the television series ‘power Rangers: Lost galaxy’ 1999 Vincent starred in the Comedy ‘not another Teen movie’ 2001. In this movie it is the script always appears in the frame naked. Her character Areola was a parody of Nadia, played by actress Shannon Elizabeth (Shannon Elizabeth) at the iconic ‘American pie’ (the’American Pie’), 1999. Serina stated that the experience with the game of a naked girl made her new life to feel your body and feel more comfortable. After that, the actress became a nudist.
In 2003, Serina was made by one of the stars of horror ‘Fever’ Director Eli Roth (Eli Roth). At this point in their career, the actress has left the most memorable in his career, the cinematic moments, whether it’s the scene with the shaving of her legs or the scene seduction and sex scene. A few episodes in ‘Fever’ Serina played Topless, and according to the script she had to Shine in two racy sex scenes with two different characters-lovers.
Not wishing, however, to become a actress contentment roles in the future only of naked girls, Vincent was against the original plans of Eli Roth. The Director of ‘Rush’ wanted to frame the sex scenes were clearly visible buttocks Vincent, that it has become a real stumbling block. A compromise was found: the Serine given the opportunity to hide behind sheets, but to literally leave an open inch of her charms to the audience.
Because of clashes with the Director and changes in the schedule of filming ‘Rush’ Vincent had to play in a bed scene very late in the evening and during frosty conditions. However, the actress said that this situation was ideal for shooting sex scenes, because the cold supposedly makes women’s Breasts literally to bulge.
In 2006, Then starred, along with lance Henriksen (Lance Henriksen) in the science fiction film ‘Devil’s mountain’ (the’Sasquatch Mountain’), and a year later earned his first leading role in the horror film ‘Waiting for death’ (‘It Waits’). She has also appeared in the role of Michelle in the movie ‘Return to house on haunted hill’ (‘Return to House on Haunted Hill’) of 2007, which, however, has not been run in rental, limited to direct sales.
In 2009, Vincent took part in the filming of the documentary film ‘Pretty Bloody: The Women of Horror’. In 2012 she became the heroine of one of episodes of the web series ‘The Walking Dead: Cold Storage’. In the same year, the actress to appear in three films: ‘Bring Me the Head of Lance Henriksen’, ‘Tag’ and ‘Monica’ (‘MoniKa’); and the TV series ‘Zombie Family’.
She has written several scripts, but in a recent interview said that he does not know whether them filmed.
Along with Jody Lipper, his co-author, Vincent regularly runs a column in the newspaper ‘Huffington Post’, since 2007. It is Vincent wrote his first book ‘How to Eat Like a Hot Chick’. Their second book, ‘How to Love Like a Hot Chick’, was published in 2009, and the third, ‘Live it Like a Hot Chick’, was published in 2010.
Serina is the ‘Queen of scream’.

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