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Central Intelligence

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About the film
In today’s world so many opportunities, so that virtually everyone has a chance to realize themselves professionally and achieve success. However, life is full of surprises, and every new day can be followed by a meteoric rise and precipitous fall. For example, the main hero of the comedy in his youth was a real star, on which went crazy all school beauty. The guy had an excellent physical shape, having every chance in the future to become an outstanding sportsman. But fate had a completely different way, and, after graduating from college, became the protagonist of an ordinary work as an accountant in a small company. It would seem that the poor guy to pull out of this routine is not the power of anyone, but once on the street he meets a classmate named Bob, who scoffed at the whole school in his youth. After all, before Bob was fat complex for a teenager, and now has become a man, working for the CIA and is considered one of the best agents of the United States.
In spite of past grievances, a classmate of the protagonist offers to take part in an interesting and incredibly dangerous investigation. As it seems like an adventure to help him remember his youth and begin life anew. But the complicated case is much more complicated than Bob could have imagined, thus exposing his friend a very serious danger. Retreat back is no longer possible, because now agents hunt for violent criminals, intending to send them to feed the fish. In turn, the protagonists try to uncover a complex plot of world scale, which plan is very dangerous and powerful people. And if Bob still has sufficient knowledge, able to protect him from persecution, then an ordinary accountant, had spent the last ten years in office, it is useless in such an important mission. Nevertheless classmates still continue their difficult path, but whether they will be able to confront bloodthirsty killers, joined together? It is now only half a spy separated from their conceived plan.

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